118: How Elena Wilkins Healed Hypothyroidism & Infertility Naturally


Elena Wilkins loves women, and is passionate about empowering them and helping them take control of their body. She specializes in hormones and female health and has spent the last 9 years extensively studying health and nutrition. Through her podcast and health coaching website, she helps women navigate the world of whole foods plant-based dieting, reverse disease, balance hormones and restore wellbeing.

Working full time, studying full time and being a full-time caregiver stressed Elena’s body and depleted its nutrient stores. Going on the pill caused a host of other health problems, like low libido, hypothyroidism, and unbalanced hormones. But Elena was determined to heal herself naturally. She scorned the prescription drugs in favor of a natural approach, and it worked. She healed her hypothyroidism within a year, without the use of medication. Even though the journey to health was long and difficult, Elena is grateful for the experience, which now enables her to help other women overcome disease and get healthy. For that reason, she says, it was all worth it.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • How birth control pills block hormonal balance
  • A natural family planning alternative that’s more effective than the pill
  • How to get your partner involved in family planning
  • How Elena reduced her hypothyroid markers in one year, without meds
  • How lack of B12 is linked to infertility
  • Why you CAN re-write your DNA
  • Why the FDA standards are a joke
  • How to get bioavailable B12 and how much you should take
  • What the Daniel Fast is.
  • Why B12 deficiency isn’t a vegan problem, but a human problem.

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Our Favorite Moments:

@2:58 We are vibrating at our thoughts

@6:11 I’m a feminist and I’m not hiding it!

@9:47 I fight for the rights of every woman

@10:46 Honey, how’s your cycle going?

@13:26 I want to free women from feeling like they have to carry the responsibility of family planning. If you’re man enough to show up to the party, you’re man enough to be part of it

@18:03 There’s no freaking way I’m getting on this medication

@26:47 Your genes are not your be all and end all

@27:40 you can read!

@31:20 Women need to start helping women more.

@36:00 I want some right now!


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