117: How Jasmine Briones Healed her Eating Disorder with Veganism


How many of us can say we have a healthy relationship with food? Eating disorders affect millions of people globally, and this can have major physical and emotional impacts. Our guest today is Jasmine Briones. She suffered from an eating disorder in college, and used raw veganism to hide her issues from her friends and family. It was easy to say she couldn’t eat this or that because it wasn’t raw or vegan. But ironically, while the eating disorder was about trying to control her life, she soon realized she was losing control.

After being confronted by her friends and family, she started properly researching veganism and realized she needed to change her relationship with food and her relationship with herself. Joining an eating disorder recovery group and speaking to other women going through the same thing affected her the most and made her determined to get better.

Now, Jasmine is a healthy vegan, and wants to help others overcome their issues with food and find the self-love that is so necessary for a truly healthy, vibrant, happy life. Her Instagram account has over a hundred thousand followers and she’s the creator behind Sweet Simple Vegan, a website dedicated to helping people understand veganism, free themselves of disordered eating, and live life to the full.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Suzy’s experience with a subconscious eating disorder.
  • How Suzy overcame her eating disorder.
  • What triggered Jasmine’s eating disorder.
  • How Jasmine started her healing journey.
  • How veganism turned from a tool for eating disorder to a tool for healing.
  • Why Jasmine promotes an oil-free diet.
  • How to discover self-love and stop judging yourself.
  • Why the younger generation is more body-obsessed.
  • Why you need to rethink your relationship with your social media.
  • How Jasmine met the love of her life, Conscious Chris.
  • A great vegan travel tip.
  • Vegan cheese recommendations!
  • Jasmine’s advice to help transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

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Sweet Simple Vegan


Our Favorite Moments:

@13:03 peeling back the layers

@17:30 Veganism for weight loss

@18:40 All this freedom, what do I do with it?

@21:50 That shifted everything for me.

@22:02 Granma’s don’t hold sh*t back!

@28:17 I don’t want this to take over my life anymore.

@32:10 Coconut oil junky!

@24:45 Body checking?

@45:10 Pokemon wedding?


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