77: BizCast: How to Grow & Monetize Your Podcast


Today we spread the podcasting love and play an episode from a podcast entitled Podcasting Mastery (yep, we cross-promote!). We know many of our listeners are budding podcasters, so guys, this one’s for you!


Imagine having the time and money to follow your passion and live life on your own terms – well, that’s what Podcasting Mastery is all about. Hosted by podcast veteran James Martell and digital marketing strategist Kimberly Juchnowski, the podcast helps its followers find ways to create a passive income, so they can spend less time doing business and more time doing the things they truly love.


“If you have a brand, you have a blog, anything that you are an expert on, you start a podcast and your numbers are going to instantly grow, no matter what,” Allison has migrated from the world of documentary and videos to podcasting, with amazing results. She believes you can definitely make your passion profitable.


Allison reveals how to let go of the negative self talk that keeps you doubting and stops you from doing what you love, so that you can be free to pursue your passion. Find out the rituals Suzy and Allison go through before a podcast (you don’t have to be as prepared as you may think!), and the mistakes (or learning experiences, as Allison likes to call them) they overcame. Plus, find out how Allison did at the Podcast Mastery Ten Question challenge!


Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur dipping your toe into podcasting waters, or are just curious how we started the FoodHealsPodcast, you’re going to love this episode!  


Thank you Podcasting Mastery for allowing us to replay this interview!


Allison’s FOUR Top Tips for a Successful Podcast

  • Advertising

Advertise your podcast on other podcasts, listeners are hungry for more of what they already love! Instead of looking for sponsors, Allison used Midroll, which acts as the middle man between the podcaster and the advertiser, to advertise the Food Heals Podcast on other shows.

  • Incentives

The Food Heals Podcast offered listeners a chance to win a Swag Bag of amazing health products (obtained for free from sponsors for free advertising) in exchange for a great review. Every podcaster needs to have a strategy to get new subscribers and new reviews. The Swag Bag campaign was hugely successful.

  • Sponsors

Get sponsors before you launch; it creates an instant sense of an established podcast. Allison reached out to companies with values she believed in and offered them free advertising. Now, companies reach out to the Food Heals Podcast — Allison hasn’t had to go out and find an advertiser since the podcast was launched.

  • Community

This is a hugely important part of successful podcasting. Groups like ShePodcasts and Podcasters Paradise offer podcasters a chance to trade reviews, ask questions, and get support and encouragement from peers.



Our Favorite Moments:

@1:57 Did we take the world by storm?

@17:28 We love to talk!

@21:50 How do James and Kimberly prepare for a podcast?

@26:58 People would think it was odd if you were just talking to yourself.

@29:30 The MOST effective advertising technique.

@35:58 Podcasting is what YouTube was ten years ago.

@40:43 The one tool Allison could not live without.


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