67: Lorelei Shellist on Finding Herself in the Face of Hardship


Lorelei Shellist’s modeling career started early.  After running away from home to follow her dreams, she moved to New York at the tender age of 16 with just $800 in her pocket from the sale of her car.  She obtained a modelling contract with Eileen Ford, and subsequently with other agents, but it wasn’t until 9 years after she first arrived in the city that she was discovered by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, and “made it big”.

She met Steve Clark of Def Leppard in Paris when she was around 23.  It was love at first sight and they were engaged within a couple of years.   Though the relationship started in bliss, Steve’s drinking problem led to their separation after around seven years together.  His death was incredibly difficult for Lorelei, and she also had to come to terms with the idea of not being a mother.  Yet it was also a turning point in her life, as it put her on the spiritual path.  She committed herself to the process of learning how to take care of herself, through meditation, nutrition and looking after her body.

Of her work with non-profit organization I Am Dreams with Wings, where she helps at risk teens, Lorelei states “God didn’t want me to just take care of one child or two children, he wanted me to look after lots of kids, and that’s what I’ve done with it.”  Hers is a truly inspiring story of survival in the face of adversity.   Lorelei is currently working on her fashion film “Skin on Skin”, a film about perseverance, courage and beauty, based on Lorelei’s own true story. And you can help make this amazing film a reality by donating through GoFundMe.  You will automatically become a member of the Siren Star Angel Dream Team, with access to the Facebook group, shout outs on social media, your name in the credits, a copy of the film and your choice of perk depending on how much you want to donate. There are many options to suit all pockets, from affirmation posters for only $25, to an exclusive Runway Runaway Collection zebra print chiffon scarf for just $70.  Also available are a huge hamper of YBF make-up products (worth $630), a day with award winning film director Robert E Ball Jr., time with Lorelei herself and much more – click here


Lorelei Shellist’s Bio

Author, speaker, Fashion Icon Archetypes™ founder, image consultant and inner beauty empowerment coach Lorelei Shellist brings new meaning to the definition of “supermodel.” Having been a graceful and spirited muse for Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Bob Mackie, Geoffrey Beene and Giorgio Armani, Lorelei received first-hand experience on how to bring art and dreams to life from many of the world’s greatest designers.In her memoir, “Runway Runaway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock ‘n Roll,” Lorelei inspires with her perseverance, determination, survival skills, and wit.

Beyond the runway, Lorelei has appeared internationally in films, TV, commercials, and print, and has gone on the road as a singer/songwriter. She holds degrees from the Masters program in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health, and Healing from the University of Santa Monica, and is a graduate of Alison Armstrong’s “PAX Programs: Peace Between Men and Women.” In addition, she is a facilitating counselor with the Freedom to Choose Foundation 501(c)(3), working with inmates at Valley State Prison for Women. Her own non-profit organization, I AM Dreams With Wings, teaches critical life skills to at-risk teens. Lorelei also offers two scholarships at Mesa College in San Diego. The “Shellist Music Scholarship” which provides a full tuition for vocational students of music, and the Runway Runaway Fashion Design scholarship.

Currently Lorelei has created her own brand label Runway Runaway Collection® featuring her Signature wardrobe staple The Dream Dress® “For the Woman on the run – who thrives in her skin!” She is producing a “fashion film” titled Peau sur Peau – Skin on Skin directed by award winning director Robert E. Ball Jr. based on her memoir about a teenage girl who runs away from home to follow her dreams…. Her film is slated as a world premiere at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival in July 2016.  Lorelei would be honored to have you as part of her Siren Star Angel Dream Team -Please check out her project Dreams With Wings to learn how to help launch her inspiring film to inspire the pursuit of your dreams and the dreams of all those around you.


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Our Favorite Moments:

@8:00 What made Lorelei stamp her foot in anger?

@18:20 The secret to following your dreams?

@21:26 Eat Pray Love on steroids.

@40:34 It’s not what happens, it’s how you deal with it that matters.


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Lorelei Shellist's fashion FilmSkin on Skin” – How you can help launch Lorelei’s inspiring film, Skin on Skin.



Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 5.39.00 PMRunway Runaway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock ‘n Roll,”by Lorelei Shellist





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