65: Alida McDaniel on Manifestation and Holistic Living


Back by popular demand, Life Coach and Galactic Rainbow Unicorn Alida McDaniel is our guest on our latest podcast episode. Alida came to the world of holistic life coaching after she overcome a host of chronic illnesses. With nutrition, supplementation and, most importantly, a positive mindset using the Law of Attraction, she was able to heal herself from her health conditions and is now on a mission to help others live the best life they can.

Through her work, Alida helps clients to clarify their soul purpose by cutting through the emotional baggage and assisting them in seeing their potential so they can live in their true vibrational alignment.  Suzy has already had a session with Alida and loved it!

Alida answers questions ranging from how to help a loved one change (hint – you can’t; you can only raise your own vibration), how to overcome the fear that comes with taking the first steps towards entrepreneurship (feel the fear and do it anyway!), and can we really manifest anything we want (YES YES YES!).  We always feel uplifted after listening to Alida talk about the Law of Attraction and vibrational energy, so tune in and be inspired!


Alida McDaniel Bio

Alida McDaniel is an Intuitive Life Strategist, Culinary Artist and Personal Trainer who lost 80 pounds and healed herself of a multitude of chronic diseases. In this episode we address consciousness and its role in our health, and how to manifest our desires. Alida even lays out exactly how she lost 80 pounds and manifested “the one!”

Alida’s experience includes over a decade of culinary arts, personal training, life coaching, holistic health coaching, study of comparative religions and certifications in Universal Intelligence Mentorship, 12 Strand DNA Healing, Group Consciousness, and the intuitive business coaching program- All-Knowing Entrepreneurship.

Alida has been working with quantum consciousness for over a decade, teaching intuitive wellness, facilitating divine intelligence workshops and crafting life mastery programs inspired by tapping into the fabric of the universe.


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Our Favorite Moments:

@14:10 Why am I basically being a bitch today?

@37:42 What two things really helped Allison with entrepreneurial endeavors?

@42:28 You can be your own PR

@44:20 We are all born to do something

@1:01:22 Our energy is limitless

@1:03:24 Alida’s dirty tips

@1:09:00 Let’s be rainbows together


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