6: Ten tips to thrive with Kimberly Van Der Beek


Do you have kids? Chances are it can be tough to instill the habits of a natural healthy life into your family with all that day-to-day chaos! We’re excited that we got to chat with Kimberly Van Der Beek, who dished out some great tips for balancing a healthy lifestyle while raising a family.

No one’s perfect, and we would never ask you to be! Kimberly implements the famous 80/20 principle with regards to things like meals, toys and vitamins. Don’t sweat a basket of bread or plastic toys 20% of the time, as long as it doesn’t bleed over into the healthier 80%!

Less is more. Quality over quantity. We’ve all heard it before, but why? If you invest in high quality products, you’ll use them more, for longer, and save money in the long run. Example: Kimberly’s family has been using microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. Not only does it save them money, it saves paper, and saves waste as well!



Our Favorite Moments:

@ 5:38 What makes Allison and Suzy exclaim “Aww so cute!” in unison? Kimberly’s amazing kids, of course!

@ 11:31 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and a Valentine’s day gone wrong!

@ 26:13 Allison gets blasted with an air freshener

@ 33:18 How Kimberly gets her kids to take their vitamins!

@ 40:00 Kimberly takes her own advice

@ 42:15 What would Kimberly bring to her own private desert island?


Kimberly’s 10 Tips to Thrive:

  1. Get a farm box, or make time for your local farmer’s market
  2. Get an air-cleaning plant
  3. Keep your friends close
  4. Switch-outs – find the things in your life that can be switched out for healthier options – especially air fresheners and cleaners!
  5. Get outdoors! Go adventure
  6. Eat fermented foods, and consume probiotics
  7. Information + Intuition
  8. Preventative medicine
  9. Sleep well!
  10. Off days = off days. Put work away!
Kimberly Van Der Beek with Ten Tips to Thrive on The Food Heals Podcast

We had a blast goofing off with Kimberly after the show!

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A snippet from Kimberly’s blog on People:

Born and raised in Washington, she married actor James Van Der Beek in August 2010 and is mother to their three children – daughters Olivia & Annabel and son Joshua. A Wellness Expert and proponent of healthy living, Kimberly advocates consciousness for the Earth, serves as co-chair of Baby Buggy‘s Los Angeles committee and maintains the blog, Old School, New Rules.


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