5: EcoVeganGal Whitney on natural healing & the vegan diet


Wanna live a more eco-friendly conscious life? Then this is the episode for you! How can you create beautiful radiant skin? How can you rid yourself of acne or allergies? The answer is not with medication and ointments – it’s food (organic, local and vegan of course!)

The Eco-Vegan Gal, Whitney Lauritsen began focusing on food and health in her early 20’s, and unleashed a snowball of information as she attempted to learn as much as possible. In the end, the answer for her was going vegan.


We live in an interesting time; we know so much more about food and nutrition than we ever have, but at the same time, we’re much more critical about dieting trends or “fads.” Why would you go gluten-free if you don’t have celiac disease? Because it’s healthier!

Whitney’s allergies wouldn’t go away with medication, but after some experimenting, she cut out gluten from her diet and her allergies completely disappeared. Why didn’t any doctors suggest this? We’re guessing because cutting out gluten doesn’t sell prescriptions… But that’s just our guess.

Here’s an interesting suggestion, especially if you’re overly critical of vegans: give it a try! It’s probably the easiest way to figure out if it really works. Try cutting out certain things one at a time, and see how you feel. Observe what the impact is.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Whitney, and even more, we hope it inspires you to make a change in your life!


A snippet from Whitney’s website:

Whitney Lauritsen is an online content creator, social media specialist and healthy living crusader. She dedicates her time and energies to spreading awareness about how to develop a lifestyle in harmony with the body and the planet.

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Our Favorite Moments:

@ 8:00 Who’s making your food and why it is important

@ 19:27 “The doctors aren’t going to give you the answer; you need to find the answer.”

@ 21:05 Doctors seem to have forgotten how important food is…

@ 24:00 How do you feel? How are you processing it? Is it the best choice?

@ 27:33 Advice from mama: “If you want to, you will.”

@ 29:47 Focus on progress, not perfection.


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