3: Allison and Suzy discuss why they are doing this podcast


We turned the tables on the show for this episode, and decided to interview each other. What makes us tick? Why did we start this podcast? What drives us to stay healthy and promote that food heals?

Allison’s story starts with her mother. After being prescribed pill after pill to help treat M.S., her health rapidly declined. Once she was diagnosed with cancer, the almighty knowledge of the doctors resulted in the asinine claim that “nutrition doesn’t matter.” Makes sense, right? Sugar feeds disease, but don’t worry about it. Just take these pills and you’ll be fine. Sadly, Allison’s mother passed away shortly after. This motivated Allison to completely change her diet around, and attempt to influence her father to clean up as well, which unfortunately was unsuccessful.

Read Allison’s story, Moving Forward on Holistic Voice

The loss of her parents is a huge motivation for Allison to remain healthy, and stay vigilant when it comes to diet and emotional balance. Allison has also been working on a film, Food Heals, which aims to show how healthy food and proper nutrition can provide an alternate approach to healing diseases.

Remember how the doctor said that nutrition doesn’t matter? Think again. Evita Ramparte healed ovarian cancer after a diet & stress cleanse. That’s right; healthy food and a new emotional environment completely kicked it! Cue doctor denial in 3… 2… 1…

Check out this video for a closer look at Evita’s story and learn about her cleanse.

Suzy faced an injury as a cheerleader in high school that wasn’t initially damaging, but slowly, over the following months, it turned into sciatica. After traditional “therapy” and prescriptions, things only got worse. In the end, the cure was just a massage! Well, it was supposed to be; in Suzy’s case, it was acupuncture that did the trick. But, looking back, she realized that something as simple as a massage could take the place of pain medication in order to heal an injury like the one she had.

Luckily, Suzy’s family was always conscious of farming, as they were immigrants from Eastern Europe. Her uncle recognized a surge of unhealthiness due to American foods (Coca-Cola, to be specific), and suggested vitamins and real food to counteract it.

Oh, and what about those cavities? There are natural ways to heal your teeth as well! The main ingredient: baking soda toothpaste (or powder). The moral of the story when it comes to medical professionals is to not let them turn into salesmen! Do you really need a filling? A triple-bypass? More medication? Think carefully about this next time you’re ready to make a trip to the doctor’s or dentist’s office.

Take a look at this site from Dr. Nara for more information on expensive dentists’ visits.

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Our Favorite Moments:

@ 6:12 “Nutrition. Doesn’t. Matter.” WHAT?!

@ 18:26 “F you. I’m having kids.”

@ 27:38 Imaginary cheerleader stances – just picture it!

@ 31:07 “At least I ‘feeled’ something different…”

@ 36:38 Everyone in L.A. has a screenplay. If not, they’re about to start writing one.


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