367: Cancer Journeys and Healing Stories the Mainstream Media Isn’t Talking About Part 1


What is the role that diet and nutrition play in your ability to recover from cancer? How important is our emotional state when we are dealing with a cancer diagnosis? What role does oxygenation and breathwork have to do with healing! 

These questions and more are explored on today’s two-part classic episode featuring some of my favorite cancer warriors who have incredible cancer healing stories. I hope that these stories inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Janette Murray-Wakelin

From Episode 52

Janette was given just six months to live when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. So she decided to use that time to change her life completely. Instead of accepting the chemo, she took the holistic approach: she went 100% raw vegan, oxygenated her blood, and started loving herself. After all, how can you heal yourself unless you love yourself first? Within 6 months, Janette was cancer-free. And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, she then ran a marathon, every day, for 366 consecutive days. We think she’s pretty incredible!

 Chris Wark

From Episode 236

At just 26, Chris was told he had stage 3 cancer – it started as a tumor the size of a golf ball in his colon, and spread to his lymph nodes. He was given one option: chemotherapy. But poisoning himself back to health didn’t make sense to Chris. Just like Evita, he realized he’d created his cancer through his diet choices. So he switched from a standard American diet to a 100% vegan, 100% raw diet. The cancer disappeared. Now, he teaches others how to do the same.

Evita Ramparte

From Episode 57

When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Evita made the brave decision not to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy – against her doctor’s wishes. She knew that toxic food and toxic thinking had caused her cancer, and she was determined to heal herself. Thanks to detoxing, fasting, and a lot of inner work, she did exactly that. In just 4 months, her tumor had disappeared, she lost 50 pounds, and felt better than ever before.

Jolen Philbrook

From Episode 193

When it comes to surviving, Jolen’s an expert! She overcame cancer twice – first a rare type of breast cancer, then kidney cancer. At the same time, she was fighting a custody battle with no income. Most people would crumble under that kind of pressure, but Jolen pulled through. How? It all comes down to mindset. And power shoes.

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