36: Protein is not the answer; it’s the problem


“No one is dying of a protein deficiency,” says Dr. Davis in his new book, Proteinaholic. Allison was thrilled to hear this! For years that had been her go-to response whenever anyone asked where the dreaded and ridiculous question, “Where do you get your protein?” Her exasperated response had been “Plants! I get my protein from plants! Can you name one person you know who died of a protein deficiency?” That usually shut them up pretty quick. So when Allison read those very same words in Dr. Davis’s new book, Proteinaholic, let’s just say she did a little happy dance! Vindicated! And by a freakin doctor!

We were thrilled to have Dr. Davis on our show. He taught us that protein is not the answer. In fact, it’s the problem.

After years of prescribing protein to his patients a as a staple of their diet and being a self-proclaimed “proteinaholic” Dr. Davis kept gaining weight and becoming sicker and sicker. He was suffering from high cholesterol, liver problems, hypertension, and irritable bowel syndrome- and he was only 30 years old!  The kicker for Dr. Davis was when he decided to get life insurance and failed the life insurance test due to his poor health. He realized something wasn’t right and so he dove into researching nutritional science and what he found shocked him.

Dr. Davis discovered that many of the beliefs he had held for so long were complete misconceptions. “A lot of the things we think are healthy- are not,” Dr. Davis told us. “This notion that we need to get more protein is completely flawed and is a large part of the reason why we were actually sick,” In Proteinaholic, Dr. Garth Davis sets the record straight, dispelling the myths that have been perpetuated by doctors, weight loss experts, and the media.


About Dr. Davis:

Garth Davis, M.D. is the medical director of the Davis Clinic at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, and starred on the hit TLC show Big Medicine. He is the author of Proteinaholic.

Dr. Davis graduated from the UT in Austin, then completed his surgical residency at The University of Michigan. While there, Dr. Davis underwent extensive training in general surgical disciplines, specializing in laparoscopic procedures. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Davis has been named a Texas Monthly “Super Doc” several times, most recently in 2015. Dr. Davis is a recognized expert in initial bariatric procedures as well as revisional bariatric surgery, and frequently lectures on the importance of a plant-based diet. He is dedicated to helping people discover the foods and adopt the behaviors that can lead to a healthy and happy life.

Now that he’s a totally recovered Proteinaholic, Dr. Davis competes in marathons and Ironman triathlons. He lives in Houston with his family, a shy cat, and an absurdly large dog.

Dr. Garth Davis and his dog on The Food Heals Podcast

Dr. Davis lives in Houston with his family, a shy cat,
and an absurdly large dog. Hi Stella!


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Our Favorite Moments:

@4:35 – You don’t learn about nutrition in medical school

@6:35 – Weight loss doctor fails life insurance health exam

@10:10 – There is not a single bit of fiber in animal products

@11:45 – You should eat sugar with fiber

@17:17 – Eggs, Dairy and Meat are powerful industries

@19:15 – Stella makes an appearance

@29:45 – Rice diet saved people’s lives

@34:11 – Using meat as a condiment

@35:00 – The blue zones explained

@43:30 – Aversion therapy

@49:35 – Fiber is healthy


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