34: #TBT Part 2 – Kerri Kasem on healing ADD naturally without drugs


Kerri Kasem is a multimedia personality, producer, and writer who has anchored numerous music, talk and entertainment programs for both radio and television. Kerri is the daughter of the late radio host and icon Casey Kasem. Since 1997, Kerri has followed in her father’s footsteps, hosting many radio programs. Kasem was co-host of the internationally syndicated Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx for four years, but left the show to fight for her father, and to lobby for the “Visitation Bill” AB2034 in California – a vision which in less than six months has seen legislation in four other states. She founded the Kasem Cares Foundation to establish and fight for the rights to have visitation and reasonable access to an ailing parent, especially when under the care and control of an uncooperative spouse or sibling.

Today’s #TBT episode features an excerpt from our interview with Kerri for the Food Heals documentary.  Kerri has used food to heal her body from ADD, and she has become a champion of healthy, plant based nutrition as the cure for modern day disease.  Kerri has used nutrition for her own healing and she encourages others to try holistic nutrition instead of relying on prescriptions.  Don’t miss a minute of this episode!


Our Favorite Moments:

@5:05 – ADD is a mental disorder

@5:59 – ADD is a completely fake disease

@8:00 – Why don’t they ask about nutrition and diet

@9:07 – $15/day at Walmart can help you cure ADD

@11:07 – Disease can be put in remission with this one thing

@13:45 – What “juicing” really means (hint….it’s not Jamba Juice)


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Tweet: ADD is a completely fake illness. So many things can be done to cure it without drugs. @KerriKasem #FoodHealsPodcast http://ctt.ec/6aMok+

Tweet: Ladies, get alkaline. Get your vitamins and you won’t have to deal with PMS. #FoodHealsPodcast @FoodHealsNation http://ctt.ec/7w8bj+

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Tweet: ADD can B cured 100% through nutrition @KerriKasem @FoodHealsNation #FoodHealsNation #ADDCure #Vegan #PlantBasedDiet http://ctt.ec/UAo44+


Kerri’s Website

Kasem Cares Website



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