How Plant-Based Nutrition Can Be a Powerful Source of Preventative Medicine with Dr. Joel Kahn and Dr. John McDougall


Who’s ready for a throwback double-header??

You heard that right!!!

Back in 2015, I had to pleasure of interviewing two plant-powered doctors on #foodheals, and listeners fell in love; and I decided to bring it back because we have some new listeners out there, and I want to share this excellent interview with you. 

First up, we have America’s Holistic heart doctor, Dr. Joel Kahn, who believes that plant-based nutrition is the most potent source of preventive medicine. Following his plant-based vegan diet, he began to dive into non-traditional diagnostic tools, prevention tactics, and nutrition-based protocols, which led him to focus on being a holistic cardiologist.

He passionately lectures throughout the country about the benefits of living a plant-based anti-aging diet and inspiring a new generation to think about nutrition and its power to heal our bodies. During his interview, we chat about food, how to eat to live, longevity, sex, stress, and so much more. 

After that, we welcome Dr. John McDougall, a physician, speaker, and best-selling author who teaches the importance of a whole-food, starched-based diet to halt, reverse, and prevent chronic diseases. He’s also the co-founder of the Mcdougall program alongside his wife Mary McDougall, where they provide whole-food plant-based vegan recipes that are low in fat and oil-free. “The sicker you are, the happier I am” is Dr. McDougall’s motos (which I love) because he gets to help his patients feel better, which is his life’s work. 

Dr. Joel Kahn and Dr. John McDougall are two amazing doctors. They are not only passionate about health and providing real solutions to illness, but they also love helping people gain back their well-being.  

This will be a great episode and prequel to next week’s episode, where we will be talking to another doctor about promoting a plant-powered diet for his patients. He will also be sharing the one diet switch that every woman needs to make to prevent menopause symptoms. That will be with Dr. Neil Barnard, who has been on the show before and works with Dr. Khan and Dr. McDougall. So you don’t want to miss it!!!

Join us @foodhealsnation, @Dr. Khan and @Dr. John McDougall and learn

🌟 Prescribing plant-based nutrition to patients 

🌟 The inspiration to changing over to a plant-based diet

🌟 Personal diet choices 

🌟 The power of animal activism and environmental changes

🌟 Tips on longevity, stress, sex, and how to stay alive 

🌟 Ridding our bodies of endocrine-disrupting chemicals 

🌟 6 Tips on avoiding a heart attack 

🌟 How a plant-based diet can help most chronic diseases 

🌟 Incorporating starchy foods into your diet 

🌟 Healthy eating habits that make no sense (Be ready to get shocked) 

🌟 How a plant-based diet can help Multiple Sclerosis 

🌟 Resistance to plant-based nutrition in the medical field

🌟 The McDougall Program 



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