338: How to Harness The Power of Ayurveda and Achieve Optimal Wellness with Dr. Avanti


Did you know that the secrets to vitality and self-healing have been around for the past 5000 years?

It may sound like some archaic tradition, but you’ll recognize the intuitive healing wisdom of Ayurveda deeply ingrained in many of the things that we do in our daily lives.

Dr. Avanti is the author of The Health Catalyst: How to Harness the Power of Ayurveda and Achieve Optimal Wellness, and the podcast host of The Healing Catalyst Podcast. After struggling with stress and burnout at the peak of her medical training, Dr. Avanti started seeing the limitations of modern medicine and decided to seek answers to practices that were close to her roots.

In our latest episode of The Food Heals Podcast, I invited Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh to help us demystify the ancient practice of Ayurveda and how we can start applying it to achieve and maintain optimal health in our modern lives.

In her journey of learning and practicing Ayurveda to heal herself, she started teaching her patients the same principles and saw firsthand how they achieved results beyond what Western medicine could explain.

Today, Dr. Avanti successfully combines her training in Western medicine and her deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles to help others discover a more holistic and effective approach to healing.

Check out Dr. Avanti’s book, The Health Catalyst: How to Harness the Power of Ayurveda and Achieve Optimal Wellness on Amazon.

Join us @foodhealsnation and @avantikumarsingh to learn more about:

🌟 How Dr. Avanti’s medical training brought her to seek answers in Ayurvedic principles

🌟 The secret to optimal health and a vibrant life

🌟 The golden principle of Ayurveda

🌟 How to think of everything in the Universe in terms of qualities

🌟 Why staying still can help you find answers within on how to self-heal

🌟 How the Western medicine’s model of symptom remedy overlooks treating the root of the problem

🌟 Why eating warm, cooked food can help remedy anxiety

🌟 The reason why the perfect diet doesn’t exist

🌟 Why you should grab whatever’s cheapest in the produce section of your local grocery store

🌟 How to make use of the three main tools of yoga to address anxiety

🌟 How to tap into the power of breath to shift yourself into your desired state

🌟 Simple strategies to shift yourself out of acute stress states to boost your immune system

🌟 The best time to eat your largest meal

🌟 The importance of getting enough sunlight before 10 am

🌟 How phone and computer use close to bedtime affects the quality of your sleep

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Ways you can connect with Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh:

Website – avantikumarsingh.com

Instagram – @avantikumarsingh

Podcast – The Healing Catalyst Podcast

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