336: Plant-Powered Products We Can’t Live Without Featuring Daisy Jing & Catharine Arnston


Ever feel overwhelmed by the number of skincare products and health supplements out in the market, and don’t know where to start?

The truth that many companies don’t tell you is that you don’t need most of them. In fact, many of them are made with ingredients that can actually be harmful to the body.

In our latest episode of The Food Heals Podcast, we sat down with two amazing guests who are true innovators in the wellness space. Wellness Experts Daisy Jing and Catharine Arnston both believe that when it comes to skincare and nutrition, less is definitely more.

Our first guest is Daisy Jing, the founder and skincare expert behind the beauty brand Banish. After struggling with acne and scarring for most of her life, Daisy realized that while there were so many skincare products being sold in the market, most of them were not only ineffective but were also too harsh and did more harm than good.

Determined to find a better way to achieve clear and healthy skin, Daisy began to extensively research the ingredients that went into skincare products, and eventually went on to formulate her own. After seeing how her skin dramatically improved by cutting out many of the unnecessary ingredients, she started to share her products with her online network, which ultimately led to the creation of Banish.

Today, Daisy has helped thousands of women achieve vibrant, glowing skin, all while helping women overcome the psychological and mental health impact of acne, leading them to become more confident in the skin they’re in.

Check out their products at Banish.com, and use the promo code Food Heals for $10 off on your order.

Our second guest (and returning champ!) is Catharine Arnston, the founder of ENERGYbits®. After her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and healed herself with nutrition and switching to an alkaline diet, Catharine was inspired to help others learn the incredible health benefits of plant-based nutrition. Upon realizing the many objections and obstacles people have when it comes to eating more greens, she set out to find a solution that’s fast, easy, and safe.

Algae ticked all of the boxes – and yet, Catherine found that even though it has existed for centuries and is a billion-dollar agricultural crop in other countries, a lot of people have not even heard of it. She’s now on a mission to teach people about the wonders of algae, specifically spiraling and chlorella, and how easy and fun it really is to be healthy.

You can get 20% off on any product at EnergyBits.com with the code foodheals. 

Join us @foodhealsnation, @daiserz89, and @energybits to learn:

🌟 How Daisy started her skincare company by accident

🌟 Trendy skincare products that are actually bad for you

🌟 The game-changing combo that works powerfully against scars and sunspots

🌟 The anti-inflammatory miracle ingredient that not many people know about

🌟 How being mindful of what you put in internally can help clear your skin of acne

🌟 How to get all the benefits of a plateful of vegetables without the taste of greens

🌟 Why Spirulina is the best and most efficient source of protein 

🌟 Spirulina’s special immune system-boosting pigment that cannot be found anywhere else

🌟 The truth about why our food supply today is not as nutrient-dense as it used to be

🌟 How chlorella detoxifies our blood, cells, and organs and keeps us healthy

🌟 All the unnecessary supplements to cut out from your diet

🌟 Why high-performing sports teams swear by spirulina and chlorella

🌟 How Vitamin K2 in chlorella can help prevent heart, brain, and bone diseases

🌟 Why chlorella is best taken at bedtime, and spirulina in the morning

🎤 Available on @iHeartRadio, @Spotify, @ApplePodcasts or wherever you listen to your #podcasts!


Ways you can connect with Daisy Jing:

Website – Banish.com

Instagram – @daiserz89

Instagram – @banish

Instagram – @banishacnescars

Youtube – www.youtube.com/user/daiserz89

Ways you can connect with Catharine Arnston:

Website – ENERGYbits.com

Instagram – @energybits

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