297: The 21-Country Vegan Voyage Around the Globe with Seyka Mejeur


What if I told you that you could travel the world, visit 21 countries and eat a whole foods plant-based diet the whole time?

Today’s guest, Seyka Mejeur did just that. She and her husband Brian recently returned from their vegan voyage ’round the world and Seyka is here to share her vegan adventures with us. On their journey, they interviewed top chefs, enjoyed plant-powered cuisine from around the globe, used cruelty-free beauty products for travel, and blogged about how easy and fun it can be to travel vegan!

Seyka is an entertainer, fitness instructor, public speaker, event host, chef, and vegan enthusiast. Through her brand For Goodness Seyks, she helps plant-based organizations hire, retain and have effective people operation initiatives. She also shares epic recipes and travel tips to empower people to live a plant-based lifestyle, through love and education, for the sake of human health, planetary wellness, the wellbeing of animals, and the pursuit of goodness.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The truth about antibiotics
  • Tips on how to eat vegan in Japan
  • The most vegan-friendly countries
  • Where you can find vegan hotels
  • The best sites for finding vegan food while traveling

You can find Seyka at:

For Goodness Seyks Instagram

For Goodness Seyks (Foodie) Instagram 

For Goodnes Seyks Facebook 

For Goodness Seyks Blog

For Goodness Seyks YouTube Channel


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