290: The #1 Healing Plant for Ulcerative Colitis and Post Concussion Syndrome


Nicole Davidsohn is the cofounder and herbalist at Eva, a unique self-care company that uses organic superfoods and hemp flowers to give people a better quality of life. 

When Nicole was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, she thought things couldn’t get much worse. 

But then a traumatic brain injury happened, meaning months of pain and pills, plenty of fatigue and lots of internal struggle – Nicole was ready to give up…

…until she discovered the plant that would play a critical role in her journey back to health: hemp.

The raw cannabis juice from hemp began to give Nicole her life back, and she and her partner, Dane, soon discovered a way to preserve the raw plant in its raw form while retaining 99% of all vitamins, minerals, cannabinoids, terpenes, and more.  

In October 2016, more tragedy struck. Nicole’s dog Mary Jane was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a form of canine cancer, and given 90 days to live. But Nicole and Dane decided to skip the expensive chemotherapy treatments, and began feeding Mary the raw cannabis juice. She immediately responded with energy and a decrease in symptoms.

With high hopes, they continued the holistic treatment, giving her an additional 33 months of life as a happy, healthy dog. She was chasing geese 3 days before she passed away from old age, at 15.

Nicole continues to educate people on the benefits of eating raw cannabis flowers, buds, and juice through her company Eva. Eva is the first company known worldwide to do the first ever nutrition test on Cannabis Flowers. They also recently launched a line of Hemp Seasonings that contain 2000mg of their proprietary Flower Powder™.

These seasonings allow people to see cannabis as another vegetable/ herb, something to eat daily for nutrition. Eva is pairing up with chefs, restaurants, and grocery stores to supply hemp flowers as another food, similar to hemp seeds and hemp oil already found within stores. Check out https://evaworldwide.com and use the coupon code foodheals for 20% off.

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