230: Saving The World With Clean Meat and Tips For A Plant-Based Thanksgiving With Good Food Institute’s Bruce Friedrich


Is it possible to eat meat AND be cruelty free? Can we continue eating burgers AND still tackle the global climate crisis?


A few years ago, the answer to that would have been no, absolutely not….


…but today? Clean meat is forging the way towards exactly that: meat that requires no killing, and that has no environmental impact. One of the biggest catalysts toward this shift is Bruce Friedrich.


Bruce went plant-based way before it was popular (1987) after reading Diet for a Small Planet and realizing that meat production was taking us on a path to global starvation. When he found out what Pat Browne of Impossible Foods was doing (and realized clean meat was the future), he co-founded the Good Food Institute (GFI) – a non-profit organization that works with scientists and entrepreneurs to find sustainable, kind alternatives to industrially produced animal products.


Clean meat is not another veggie burger. It IS meat – but grown from cells in a lab, rather than by rearing livestock. The result is meat that is better for your health, and for the planet.



Here’s Why:


Better for Your Health and Global Health

70% of the antibiotics produced in the US go to farm animals; it’s a risk that’s twofold:


  1. Antiobiotics end up on a meat-eater’s plate every day…we are not designed for that.
  2. Overusing antibiotics in food consumption results in lowered human resistance to superbugs strong enough to be a greater threat to our lives than climate change.


With clean meat, there are no livestock animals, so no need for antibiotics – and no antibiotic residues in your burger! It’s all grown in a lab, a sanitary place not contaminated by intestines or poop bacteria. No salmonella threat; no E. coli threat either.


The tens of millions of Americans who get sick to meat consumption every year? Wouldn’t happen with clean meat.


Better For The Planet

Factory farming is not sustainable – we’ve known it for decades!


It takes 9 calories of food (from grain or grass or soy) to “grow” 1 calorie of meat. That’s 8 calories of crop wasted to get just 1 consumable calorie. That’s 800% food waste. Think about what it takes to grow the crops to feed livestock: water, pesticides, herbicides, gas and energy to ship the crops to feed mills and to factory farms, to ship the animals to and from slaughter houses. It’s no wonder the UN’s report Livestock’s Long Shadow found that animal agriculture is one of the top 3 contributors to climate change.


End World Hunger

A transition to clean meat could end world poverty and hunger too.


Plant-based meat could feed the world. Instead of growing crops (with all that waste) to feed animals (that are just getting contaminated), these crops could be grown to feed the world’s poorest and saving tens of millions currently losing their lives to starvation-related causes.


So clean meat means no waste, no cruelty, no environmental destruction. And it doesn’t require anyone to change their habits. It looks like meat, tastes like meat – it IS meat, but grown differently. That’s why it’s a game changer. And why Bruce and others predict that we’ll see a 100% plant-based meat world by 2050 (or sooner!).


Clean Protein – The Book

Bruce has just co-authored a new book with Kathy Freston. Clean Protein – The Revolution that Will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy, And Save Our Planet goes through which clean proteins are best for our health, as well as tips on:


  • Working out how much protein you need
  • Transitioning to veganism
  • Plant-based shopping
  • And a TON of tasty recipes


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the perfect read for anyone worried about how to stay healthy and vegan during the holidays.


What you’ll learn in Episode 230:

  • What’s the difference between clean meat and plant-based meat?
  • Why livestock antibiotics are a global health threat
  • Why the meat industry is causing global starvation
  • The best sources of protein for health
  • How clean meat can save our planet
  • What dictates your food choices and how to transition to healthier options
  • How GFI is transforming the world
  • How to keep everyone happy at Thanksgiving


Hey, How About Some Pre-Holiday Detoxing Fun? (And Is That Even Possible?)

Did you know most Americans hold 10 to 15 pounds of toxins in their colon? Pretty gross, right?


This makes detoxing so important – it helps get rid of these toxins, improve your energy levels, clear up your skin, boost your metabolism and clear out the digestive tract. We LOVE detoxing…but it can be hard (especially the not eating part). 


That’s why we’re excited for you to try Teami Blends, a fun way to detox that fits into your normal day-to-day. In other words, you can eat and cleanse at the same time (who knew??). And right now…


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Our favorite moments:

@17:42 The brilliant thing about clean meat is….

@23:11 Nerds over cattle

@30:37 One of the most transformational things


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Good Food Score Card – see how your favorite restaurants measure up in terms of plant-based options

Clean Protein – The Revolution that will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy, And Save Our Planet

The Quantum Wellness Cleanse by Kathy Freston

To get involved with GFI, go to gfi.org/jobs

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