161: How to Heal Chronic Pain and Improve Your Libido with Medical Marijuana


It’s hard to believe today, but up until 1937, marijuana was available over the counter in every pharmacy in the country. But for various political and business reasons, this ancient remedy was vilified, demonized, and marginalized. It’s now classed by the government as a Schedule 1 substance, putting it in the same category as heroin. Thankfully, the tide is shifting once more to recognizing the marijuana’s medical potential. Listen now.


Working in ER, Dr. Rachna Patel saw many patients come in suffering as a result of accidental or intentional opioid overdose. She also witnessed patients become addicted to these pharmaceutical painkillers. Marijuana had never been mentioned in medical school, but when Rachna came across a study that showed marijuana could reduce patients’ dependence on opioids, she knew it was time to change direction.


In 2012, Dr. Rachna Patel opened up her own clinic. She now helps patients in the Bay area California to safely use medical marijuana to treat a range of conditions from chronic pain to anxiety and insomnia. “It’s a very real medicine,” she says, and compared to pharmaceuticals, which are responsible for thousands of deaths each year, medical marijuana is a safe and natural solution. If you have any questions, check out Dr. Rachna’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.



What you’ll learn:

  • How marijuana went from widely available to illegal.
  • The three ways marijuana relieves pain and inflammation
  • The difference between THC and CBD
  • How to take MM without smoking
  • How inflammation can turn chronic
  • Can marijuana treat type A personality?
  • How cannabinoids help your health
  • How drug companies get their pharmaceuticals into your doctor’s office
  • Why synthetic cannabinoids won’t work and are dangerous
  • How marijuana interacts with your body to help it heal
  • How cancer patients can benefit from medical marijuana
  • The surprising sexy benefit of marijuana
  • Listen now!



Our favorite moments:

@2:22 What makes Suzy say “I was not expecting that answer!!”

@9:23 don’t drink, don’t do drugs – smoke weed

@36:07 Why we have inflammation

@40:28 That blew my mind!

@42:37 Suzy’s theory on cancer.








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