148: Overcoming Ovarian Failure & Boosting Fertility PLUS We Answer Your Burning Questions


We want to answer some of our listener questions in this episode!

Our first question is from Laura, who wants to know which entrepreneurs we follow.

Here are some of our top favorites:


Megan wants to know juicer recommendations?

We have to refer you to Joe Cross’s website for the best juicers, he’s the expert. You can also take a look at BlenderBabes for the best blenders – she tests every one to bring you the best blender reviews.

And finally, do we like guided meditations?

Absolutely!! You really want to check out Sarah Clark’s guided fertility meditation. Highly recommended to help you manifest whatever you want. We love it!


Sarah was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at 28. She was told she would never have her own children. She went straight to the fertility clinic, and put her name on a list for a donor egg. She was lucky enough to conceive, and now has two beautiful children.

But her health got worse: sinusitis, colds, yeast infections, headaches, vertigo. Later, while studying health coaching, she discovered that she had a food intolerance. As soon as she eliminated allergens from her diet, all her health issues went away. Could these food intolerances have caused her ovarian failure? It’s hard to be 100% sure, but Sarah is now on a mission to let couples know there is a lot they can do with nutritional therapy to improve their fertility.

Check out her 3-day fertility diet challenge. Want to know how fertile you might be? Take her fertility quiz!

How can we balance a healthy lifestyle and living life? Sarah has the answers.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why we love Nutribullet.
  • The best juicer if you’re a food blogger.
  • What to do for a great overnight cleanse.
  • The foods Sarah had to get rid of.
  • The top allergens and inflammatory foods.
  • What’s an IGG test?
  • The difference between food allergies and food sensitivity.
  • How you can heal your food intolerances.
  • Should you drink full fat dairy to help your fertility?
  • How much protein you actually need.
  • Why to avoid corn for your health and the planet’s.
  • What we can do to avoid BPA.
  • Why you should never microwave.
  • The best filter to remove heavy metals and fluoride.
  • The best essential oils for boosting fertility.


Our favorite moments:

@13:43 I want it noooowww

@25:31 I’m a vegan, it’s ok!

@30:25 Embrace the suck!

@31:08 Downing a bottle of maple syrup.

@38:30 Corn in orange juice?

@41:15 Why would they do that to us?

@46:59 The cornerstone of good health.

@49:17 A terrifying story!



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King Corn documentary

Santevia filters

Kangen water filters



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