113: Megan Brophy on Going Vegan & Detoxing from Parasites


Another podcast with Allison’s favorite guest co-host Eco Vegan Gal! Today we interview Megan Brophy, who’s gone from burger slinger to health coach via one hell of a healing journey! We’ve had a lot of amazing stories on the show, but Megan’s experience is nothing short of incredible.

Megan never felt unhealthy; she was an ideal weight, felt full of energy—despite living on burgers and junk food. But a chance meeting with John Salley four years ago changed all that. After John gave her “the talk”, and watching a documentary on John’s website, Megan decided to go vegan and completely change her lifestyle. But after a lifetime of toxic foods, Megan’s body was FULL of parasites. Her skin suffered the most—she had the worst acne, even had green puss coming out of her blemishes! After many ups and downs (like sitting in a bowl of milk!), she finally figured out what was wrong. Within a month of doing a parasite cleanse, her skin cleared up. But it’s been a long journey, and Megan is still dealing with the toxic load from her old diet. Megan takes this in her stride: it’s a process, and she’s WINNING!

Megan’s healing journey has made her determined to help others transition to a healthier lifestyle. She’s in the process of setting up a website, but you can contact her at L.A.Healthness@gmail.com, and follow her journey to a parasite-free body on Instagram @meganveganbrophy.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Why we should ALL do a parasite cleanse.
  • How to tease parasites out of your body.
  • Why, how often and when to have a colonic.
  • How parasites create cravings.
  • How to get your kids to WANT vegetables (even those green ones!).
  • How to eat vegan even when you’re at a steak-house.
  • The simplest thing you can do right now to lose weight (and it’s ridiculously easy).
  • The amazing benefits of intermittent fasting.
  • Master cleanse vs Green juice cleanse?
  • Allison’s cleanse routine – super fat burning, healing and detoxifying!
  • Megan’s secret smoothie tip.
  • Megan’s favorite vegan products and restaurants!


Megan’s Links:




Our favorite moments:

@5:40 I have to give you THE talk.

@7:10 Going crazy and juicing.

@10:40 Hamburger veggie burger hamburger veggie burger

@12:23 The one vegetable that traumatized Megan?

@16:45 What do you mean you don’t want cheese or butter?

@22:10 Let’s affirm the positive not the negative!

@30:05 Look lady, I don’t judge!

@41:20 OMG, the milk story!

@42:57 You sat in milk and WHAT came out?!

@45:13 This is brand new here on FHN!

@51:27 They f**k with your thoughts!

@57:55 Poop talk.

@1:12:00 I’m a waitress, I don’t need exercise!


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