111: Practicing Compassion & Respecting Animals with Paul Shapiro


Paul Shapiro grew up loving animals—his dogs were like family to him. At 13, he saw a video about the way animals were treated, in farms, circuses, and labs. He was horrified. Thinking how much he cared about his own pets, he knew there was nothing he wouldn’t do to protect them from harm. From that moment, he became an animal rights activist.

Paul is now the vice president of Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society, the world’s largest animal rights organization. He works with policy makers and food retailers to put compassion at the top of the agenda and obtain animal welfare reforms. He’s been a vegan for over 2 decades, but he doesn’t advocate a purist attitude towards meat-eating. In fact, Paul advocates being supportive of every person who is making any change towards a more plant-based diet. “We don’t want a social club, we want a social movement.”

Paul’s life mission is to reduce the suffering of animals, to prevent an end the massacre we’re inflicting on the animals we share the planet with. And he’s got some uplifting success stories to share with us, so tune in for a super inspiring and uplifting episode!

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Paul’s first undercover investigation into egg-laying factories.
  • How Paul put veggie options on the menu in DC and Detroit.
  • How Paul turned a high school animal welfare club into a national organization.
  • What you can do to support the work of the Humane Society.
  • Why being a friendly ambassador for plant-based eating is more effective than trying to be exclusively vegan.
  • Paul’s thoughts on the ad-gag bills.
  • Why we’re seeing a shift from individual to institutional campaigning and why this spells good news for animals.
  • Some amazing meat-free success stories!
  • How lab-grown meat may put an end to factory farming.
  • The link between whales and kerosene, horses and cars, and how these relate to today’s meat industry.


On November 8th, citizens will have the opportunity to vote on Question 3, a precedent-setting measure that prevents farm animal cruelty. If you can, please come to Massachusetts to volunteer, or sign up at http://www.citizensforfarmanimals.com/ to support this historic farm animal campaign.

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Our favorite moments:

@7:00 If Carl Lewis can be vegan, I can be vegan!

@9:05 Hope for the hopeless.

@15:20 We’ve got our work cut out.

@24:25 I’m all about bees.

@27:27 Preach it Paul!

@32:40 Keep bragging!

@42:30 Clean meat?

@47:20 This is blowing my mind right now.


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