108: Kim Sujovolsky on Veganizing Spain & Being Your Best Self


How many of us have had to deal with a close relative falling ill? For today’s guest Kim Sujovolsky, this was the story of her childhood. Her mother had the debilitating condition, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and the endless cycles of medications she was prescribed made matters even worse. Such a stressful childhood had two effects on Kim. She fell in love with cooking, as a way to care for her family. She also became an emotional overeater as a way to soothe herself, and developed chronic gastritis as a result.

Determined to heal herself and her relationship with food, Kim turned to veganism. And it changed her life completely. She realized that the choices she was making about what she put on her dinner-plate were more than just choices about food and health, they were also about the environment, the animals, and the world. Now she’s on a mission to spread that truth: we are not powerless.

Kim and her husband are a total dream-team. They combined her love of cooking and her expertise on emotional eating with his degree in holistic medicine and founded Brownble. MyBrownble is a safe space where you can find tips and resources to start healing, both emotionally and physically. You’ll also learn how to cook amazing vegan food. For Kim, when you tackle the food, the fear around veganism disappears (you can eat more than just kale and carrots, honest!). The program will help you stop dieting and start releasing the emotions that cause you to overeat, so you can be your best self.

Special Offer:

Kim’s got an amazing offer for Food Heals listeners! She’s reducing the membership to MyBrownble to the tiny price of $8.95/month for life, with the discount code FOODHEALS. But hurry, it’s open only to the first 25 people to subscribe!

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Why auto-immune diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent (and what you can do to help heal yourself).
  • Why emotional fear and negativity affect your entire body, especially your gut.
  • Why veganism can change the world.
  • What it’s like to be vegan in Madrid (you’ll be pleasantly surprised!).
  • The difference between grains in the US and Europe.
  • Why healing emotions will help you address your diet.
  • The best medicine (and it isn’t a pill).
  • Why the way you eat food is as important as the food you choose.
  • How to eat ice cream the happy way (yes, even Ben & Jerry’s!)
  • The ONE thing you need to do to begin the process of positive change.
  • Kim’s little happy Buddha trick.


Kim’s Bio:

The first thing you need to know about Kim is that she lives for cooking. She has been cooking – and I mean Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family kind of cooking- since she was 15 years old. She didn’t have what you would consider a traditional or normal childhood. Her mother, the biggest rockstar in her life, raised Kim on her own in spite of having a very serious and chronic illness since she was 11.  She had endless surgeries, one after another, was often bed ridden or in a wheelchair. In the best of times, she needed a cane or crutches to be able to slowly walk, in the worst of times, towards the end of her life, she had lost both of her legs. She was the most amazing and courageous person Kim has ever met, and living with her taught Kim two things, number one, health is everything in life. Let me say that again, HEALTH IS EVERYTHING in life, and two, a good plate of food shared together can do wonders for the soul. In a way, the love they both had for food completely brought them together and made them forget about the rough cards they were being dealt, which sadly seemed to be getting worse and worse every year.

Kim likes to call veganism her little rescuer. Not because it saved her from overeating, that came a bit later, but because slowly but surely, she was faced with having to be herself, with her true beliefs guiding the way, every time someone asked her why she wasn’t eating meat, dairy or eggs anymore. For the first time, she felt she didn’t care about what other people thought, or about being the perfect little girl who doesn’t cause trouble. It was the biggest confidence booster and it gave her so much joy to incorporate habits that were also helping other beings and taking the focus off of her instinct to eat everything in sight.

Now one question remained, would Kim finally be able to find balance and joy, give all her diet books away (she went on so many she lost count), maintain a healthy weight and still let the food loving cookie monster in her come out to play? The answer is yes, she has since found her way, she has found her balance, and she has learned so much about cooking and food that she have created this space, Brownble, for you. Life isn’t all or nothing, or about finding the magic pill, the magic behavior or about being perfect, it’s about finding a way of living that allows you to be your best self, and that includes cookies AND kale. Kim hopes you enjoy this journey into a balancing act of pure deliciousness and making your health and body shine from the inside out… in and out of the kitchen.


Kim Sujovolsky’s Links:

Website: Brownble.com 

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Our Favorite Moments:

@6:15 My kind of lady!

@12:25 Food Heals Nation, I am speaking the truth!

@21:20 Allison and I are starting to share a brain.

@30:45 Diets don’t work!

@35:15 That’s why you gotta feel grateful for the Ben & Jerry’s when you do it, OK?

@43:50 I smell an app!


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