75: Let Food Be Thy Medicine with Dr. Angela DeBord Henriksen


We were delighted to interview Dr. Angela DeBord Henriksen on our show today. As a board-certified physician, Angela practices traditional medicine, but she’s recently changed her focus to discovering the root causes of disease and empowering her patients to change their health for the better through their diet.


Angela is passionate about food and how natural foods can restore perfect health and heal disease, and excited about branching out into more holistic healthcare. However, she wasn’t always aware of this alternative approach to healing. “I felt like I was a really good doctor,” says Angela, “but I probably just wasn’t complete at that point.”


The turning point came when a patient who’d been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus, came to Angela in distress. She was on a cocktail of medications to manage her symptoms, suffering many side effects, feeling depressed, tired, sick, unsexy and at her wits’ end. A second opinion quickly put the original diagnosis under scrutiny and they discovered that what they’d thought was an autoimmune disease was in fact an allergy to red dye. Within six months of cutting it out of her diet and eating more healthily, she was off all her medicines. That was a wake up call for Angela. She knew she had to think differently about medicine, and dived into researching holistic health.


But it isn’t always easy to convince her patients of the benefits of eating healthier food. “A lot of people aren’t really open to thinking about changing their diet.” Getting people to start considering their lifestyle has been a slow journey for Angela, but she carries on undaunted, showing clips of “Forks over Knives” to her patients. “Some of them are starting to come around.”


Through her own struggles with shifting her diet, Angela understands how much of a challenge it can be to make those changes. She focuses on raising awareness of the additives and nasty ingredients contained in processed foods, and their effects on health, while helping patients to make healthier choices, one small step at the time.


Angela shares her best tips for growing your knowledge of food, alternative medicine and holistic healing. She also advocates going to your doctor armed with questions, and gives us a list of the most appropriate ones so you can get a clearer picture from your medical practitioner. Finally, we answer a question from one of our listeners about healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome naturally. Tune in for all this, and more!


Dr. Angela DeBord Henriksen’s Bio

Angela MD is committed to helping empower people to better their lives and become the people they were meant to be rather than allow disease or affliction debilitate them. My mission is to help change our current healthcare system for the better by educating patients and other healthcare providers on the value of nutrition in the prevention of disease. AngelaMD.com is a website/blog created by a board certified internal medicine physician trying to share nutritional information to help overcome disease by dietary changes. “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”—Hippocrates Angela DeBord Henriksen is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician currently practicing in Avon, IN. Her focus is on the prevention of disease by getting to the root cause of an ailment and healing naturally. She graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine and has continued to practice traditional medicine the last 15 years but has now made a primary focus on using food and nutrition as cures. She runs a wellness program and website that helps to empower patients with the knowledge that food heals.


Dr. Angela DeBord Henriksen’s Links

Website: www.angelmd.com




Our Favorite Moments:

@9:20 Angela’s amazing patient success story

@16:15 You won’t catch a normal doctor doing this!

@19:17 It’s easier to get people to change their religion


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