73: Joe Cross on his new film, The Kids Menu & how to juice


Best known for his ground breaking film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe healed his chronic urticaria (also known as chronic hives), and got off the pharmaceuticals thanks to juicing and a plant based diet. He’s in LA for the screening of his new documentary The Kids Menu! In The Kids Menu, Joe meets with experts, parents, teachers and kids, coming to the realization that childhood obesity isn’t the real issue, but rather a symptom of a bigger problem. The lack of knowledge of what healthy foods are. Lack of access to healthy and affordable options. And the influence of negative role models, whether a parent, teacher or even a celebrity.


All of this together seems to be a lot to overcome, but when empowered, kids often make the surprising choice of the healthier path.


In this inspiring and hopeful documentary, we see amazing programs in action, inspiring individuals paving the way for change, but most of all — Kids, taking the lead in getting healthier options on their own menu.

Production still from the Kids Menu. Joe Cross discusses filming The Kids Menu on The Food Heals Podcast with Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy

Production still from the Kids Menu


We first met Joe when we interviewed him for our film, Food Heals and his transformational story blew our minds!

Joe used to be in financial trading, and while his career blossomed, his health deteriorated. His weight shot up to 320 pounds and he was taking a cocktail of medication to manage a variety of health issues including an autoimmune disease. One bite away from a heart attack, Joe decided to take matters in his own hands and make a drastic change, and film it!

After 60 days of juicing and 90 days of eating only plant based foods, he was a new man. He knew his film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead would have a big impact – it’s probably responsible for how trendy green juices are these days! Now, Joe has two businesses, a production company and Reboot with Joe, a community and website that helps people “reboot” their health.”


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“We all know there’s a problem,” says Joe about the current state of our health. That’s why The Kids Menu showcases what’s possible with a healthy diet rather than focusing too much on the issues. Joe and his film crew went around the country looking for healthy initiatives, found the ones that were worth sharing – and the film was born! Without wanting to give too much away, one thing The Kids Menu shows how children can connect to the earth, and how positive that connection can be. Give a child the chance to experience food in a whole new way, from garden to plate, and they’re hooked for life.



“I like to think of a reboot as time travel,” says Joe when we ask him about his health reboot tips. Where humans used to have periods of feast and famine, today we see mostly feasting. It’s never been easier to access high calorie food, and at the same time it’s never been easier to do nothing, with elevators and cars moving for us. Rebooting your health is a bit like going back in time to a period when feasting wasn’t always possible. Without advising a period of famine or starvation, Joe is a convincing advocate of controlled juice fasting. When you juice, you extract the water from the cellulose of plants, water that is bursting with micronutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential to health. The first three days will be difficult, but if you break through something magical happens. Suddenly you’ll have all this energy, you’ll be calmer, your senses will be heightened, you’ll be mentally clear, your joints will feel better. And you’ll be giving your body a chance to heal. Joe’s tips for a good reboot: get 75% of your juice from vegetables and 25% from fruit, make sure you drink plenty of water, and if you plan to juice for longer than 15 days, add some plant protein to your juices. But even without rebooting or fasting, simply adding fresh juice to your day can help your body to heal and your health to thrive.



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If you’re as excited as we are about the launch of Joe’s new film The Kids Menu, you can see it in theaters on the following dates:

  • Miami March 15th 
  • Atlanta March 16th 
  • Long Island March 19th 
  • Washington March 21st 
  • Philadelphia March 22nd 
  • Boston March 23rd 

Look out for the documentary on iTunes and Netflix, where it will be released later in 2016!

Allison & Suzy juice with Joe Cross at The Food Heals Podcast Studio.

Allison & Suzy juice with Joe at The Food Heals Podcast Studio.


Joe Cross’s Bio

Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur and investor who invests in early stage high potential growth companies. These include investments in the fashion, transportation, private equity finance, derivatives trading, early childhood education, structural steel distribution and health and wellness sectors.



Joe began his business career as a trader on the Sydney Futures Exchange where he worked from the early 1980s until 1998. During this time, Joe founded several companies in the derivatives trading and technology space.



From the late 1990s until 2003, Joe managed a diverse portfolio of assets in telecommunications, media, technology and financial services for Queensland Press Ltd, a wholly owned company of News Corp. During 2003, Joe began investing his own capital through his investment vehicle Jaymsea Investments Pty Ltd. A number of these businesses have gone from a start up to a thriving and successful business in a few short years. Today, Jaymsea has a diverse portfolio of active investments with financial and managerial stakes in high potential growth companies. The portfolio includes: Thakoon, a leading US based high end fashion label; Willow, a high end Australian based fashion label; and Citibabes, a club and education centre for families with small children.



Most recently, Joe founded Reboot Media; a health and lifestyle brand that creates entertaining and actionable educational media for anyone that is sick and tired of being sick and fat. Joe is the Chairman and CEO of Reboot Media, as well as the Co-Director, Executive Producer, and the host and subject of Reboot Media’s first feature length film, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. Joe lives in New York and Sydney.



Joe Cross and the team that brought you “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” have a new movie – THE KIDS MENU! This time, Joe is taking on childhood obesity. In this hopeful documentary, you will see amazing programs in action, inspiring individuals paving the way for change, but most of all, Kids, taking the lead in getting healthier options on to their own menu.


Join the mission to help build a healthier future, and have a little fun too by joining us for a night at the movies!
 Be warned though, you and your family might be so inspired that you’ll find yourself planting your own vegetable garden come Spring!



THE KIDS MENU is heading to 12 cities across the U.S.  and all screenings will be followed by an in person Q&A with Joe Cross!  


Joe Cross’s Links




Reboot with Joe

The Kids Menu tour


Our Favorite Moments:

5:40 The Kids Menu trailer

19:39 What are the last two feet of freedom?

37:15 Kids like worms!


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If you haven’t seen Joe Cross’s films, we highly recommend you watch them, they are AMAZING and really inspiring:



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