57: Evita Ramparte on Healing Ovarian Cancer & Losing 50lbs


This episode is like the tree of life – we branched out in all different directions and covered so many fascinating and inspiring topics! Our guest was author and Transformational CEO Evita Ramparte, who shared with us her jaw-dropping success story.

You wouldn’t think it to look at Evita today, but a mere ten years ago she was overweight, sick, tired, depressed, and suffering from bad skin, chronic headaches, and hypoglycemia. In 2000, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She made the incredibly courageous decision not to go to hospital and instead heal herself through detoxing, fasting and cleansing her body and her mind — “Toxic food and toxic thinking caused my cancer, and I’m going to quit both,” she told her doctors before walking out on them. After four months, she was free from cancer, felt amazing, and had lost 50 pounds! Cleansing gave Evita the courage the start living her life the way she really wanted to. She’s written three books and stars in the films Hungry for Change and Food Heals. Her incredible story is an inspiration to many.

Evita now helps people around the world reset their relationship with themselves, through her transformational cleanse program Viva La Cleanse. The mind and body detox consists of cleanses and “eat simple” challenges, which encourage the body to crave nutrient-rich natural foods, whilst improving health, fitness, mental clarity and wellness. Evita also advocates fasting as a sure way to awaken intuition and your inner leader.

Evita shares her thoughts on raw foods, coffee enemas, spirituality and healing, and discusses the links between emotional baggage and physical issues. There’s a lot packed into this episode, so sit back, relax and be inspired!


Evita Ramparte’s Bio

The Honolulu Press called her ‘The Goddess of Wellness & Tigress of Business’; Evita Ramparte is an Author, Journalist and Transformational CEO™. She is a serial Internet entrepreneur and a trend-setter in the rapidly growing wellness industry; a celebrity coach to Hollywood stars and the CEOs of Fortune 500.

In 2000, Evita was informed by doctors she has ovarian cancer. Instead of giving up to their authority and obediently turn for surgery and chemo, she decided to cleanse her mind and her body. She healed herself naturally through fasting and detoxing, as well as through a complete transformation of consciousness and clarity in her relationships. She lost over 50 pounds in just few months and turned her life around by a high-carb raw vegan lifestyle. After four months she was considered cancer free.

Evita began a life journey, which led her through Paris, London, Los Angeles to Hawaii. Today, she lives in California, and her story inspires people all over the world.

Evita has authored three books – ‘The Bliss of Cancer’, ‘Badass Detox’ and ‘How To Cleanse In 7 Days’. Currently, she is writing her fourth title: ‘TigerWoman. Feminine Strategies In The Jungle of Business’. She is one of the stars of the movie ‘Hungry for Change’ on FMTV.com and ‘Food Heals’ (in production), as well as one of the experts on the board of EndoPositive International. Her book ‘Badass Detox’ is a training manual for Doctors Across Borders in Africa.

Evita Ramparte’s unique program Viva La CLEANSE™ – 90 Day Mind-Body Transformational Coaching for Health & Beauty Detox. It is available online and is changing people’s lives worldwide. The program consists of a 3 Day Cleanse, 5 Day Cleanse and 7 Day Cleanse. Each is followed by a 21 Day ‘Eat Simple’ Challenge, when natural, healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly more desirable and craving for toxic foods and addictive substances gradually vanishes. Viva La CLEANSE™ consists of over 50 video tutorials that guide the participants through various methods of mind-body detox. It includes coaching webinars and culinary recipes that help one to transition gradually and yet decidedly into a new lifestyle marked by health, wellness, vitality, fitness, mental clarity and optimism.

“The program empowers you to create a sophisticated detox spa in the privacy of your home and renew your relationship with you, with your body and with food”, Ramparte explains. “Fasting awakens intuition, vision and leadership within you. All great leaders have fasted.”

Evita Ramparte’s mission is raising the bar for what’s possible for human health and performance, and raising the standard of leadership in coaching industry. She holds a Double Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.


Evita Ramparte’ Links

Website: evitaramparte.com

Viva La Cleanse: vivalacleanse.com







Our Favorite  Moments:

@27:08 How do you know that you have forgiven?
@31:06 So we’re putting it in the wrong hole?
@50:48 We are very much like monkeys
@54:28 What’s Evita’s secret to a juicy sexual life?
@57:10 Curing vs. healing


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