423: Parasite Cleansing, Colonics, and Going Vegan with John Salley and Megan Brophy (The Most Shocking Stories We’ve Ever Heard on Food Heals – Part 3)


Throughout the years we have heard some crazy, sometimes shocking stories on Food Heals and this is the third installment of our shocking series. Last time you heard from Milo Runkle and Cody Carlson, two undercover investigators for Mercy for Animals who were able to shed light on animal cruelty and continue to fight to change the laws around animal abuse on factory farms.

And today, we have two incredible guests sharing their stories of healing through the power of food and lifestyle changes. Our first guest is John Salley, a former NBA player turned vegan activist and restaurant owner. You may know him from his basketball career, but what you may not know is how he used a vegan diet and colonics to heal himself from high cholesterol and a compacted colon.

John’s journey to health inspired him to help others, including our second guest, Megan Brophy. Megan’s story is truly amazing. Despite feeling healthy and energetic while living on a diet of burgers and junk food, her chance meeting with John Salley changed her life. After going vegan and making major lifestyle changes, Megan discovered her body was full of parasites, causing severe acne and other health issues. With perseverance and a parasite cleanse, Megan’s skin cleared up and she continues to thrive on her healing journey.

Both John and Megan offer incredible insight into the power of nutrition and lifestyle changes to transform our health and wellbeing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these inspiring conversations on Food Heals.

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