417: Food Heals Takes Miami: Eating at Planta, Vegan Stories, Ayahuasca vs. Antidepressants & More with Ella Magers and Ashley Fillingim


No topic is left unturned on this episode live from Miami where Alli catches up with Ella Magers and Ashley Fillingim. Tune in to hear the crazy stories about how they all met, their retreat to Italy, what they ate at Planta, and a candid discussion about Ayahuasca vs. Antidepressants.

Check out Ashley’s brand new podcast, Kick Ash Life:

We have permission to begin again. We are meant to thrive, to live life out loud, to seek joy and abundance. We get to hit reset and take risks to build a life we love. Sounds great in theory. But the question is, how? A big firm lawyer for 20 years, Ashley Fillingim walked out of her corner office in the city, trading high heels for flip flops and burnout for big dreams, seeking a KickAshLife. Sounds idyllic, right? Yeah, about that … literally nothing went as planned. Come along for the journey, as Ashley interviews dream builders – everyday people doing extraordinary things – and shares her own thoughts about seeking joy at the intersection of business and life. Curiosity and conversation lead to beautiful moments. If you want someone to walk beside you, someone who really doesn’t have it all figured out, the KickAshLife podcast is for you. Follow Ashley on Instagram @kickashlife for real talk about life, sprinkled with tips on business and law for entrepreneurs. Subscribe to The KickAshLife Podcast and share it with a friend. Let’s do life. Together.

And Ella has two podcasts! Check them out:

The Vegan Life Coach Podcast:

Whether you’re already vegan, in the process of transiting to a vegan lifestyle, or consider yourself “vegan-curious,” join Sexy Fit Vegan® Ella Magers, MSW and Mindset Master Stephanie Aguilar for a show that is all about helping you leap into your power and build a healthy, plant-strong body and mind for life. 

Rise & Thrive:

A holistic health and wellness-forward show for the vegan-curious and the curious-vegan…Ella Magers is on a mission to revolutionize the way we as human beings navigate this adventure we call life holistically, both by up-leveling our own health and wellbeing through self-compassion, but also expanding our circle of compassion to all living beings in the earth itself. 

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