365: Ask Alli: Facebook Attack, Functional Medicine, Veganizing Estonia, Teeth Healing Tricks, Manifesting Secrets, and More


What’s the difference between western medicine and functional medicine? What is the best kind of toothpaste to use? How can I become a more powerful manifestor? These are just some of the questions I explore on today’s episode of Ask Alli on Food Heals.

Tune in to learn:

– How to remineralize your teeth and never get a cavity again

– A tooth powder recipe you won’t want to miss

– Why you need to add Vitamin K-27 and Aloe Vera to your healing regimen

– The root cause of all disease – revealed!

– The difference between western medicine and functional medicine – explained!

– Why your manifesting process isn’t working and what to do instead

– How to discover your “upper limits” and overcome them for good!

– The best vegan joint in Tallinn, Estonia

– And more!

Stay tuned to the end of the show where I spill the latest tea on my censorship debacle, how I handled getting attacked in a Facebook group, and how you can win a swag bag full of my favorite organic, vegan products!

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