357: Stories of True Love, Self Love, Break Ups, Bad Dates, Heartaches, Romance, Sexuality, Meditation, Manifestation, and More


Happy Valentine’s Day, Food Heals Nation! In this episode we’re exploring stories of true love, self love, break ups, bad dates, heartaches, romance, sexuality, meditation, manifestation, and more.

Tune in to hear:

– How Josh Trent called in his true love with a yoga prayer

– Kim Seltzer explains how to dress for romantic success and why a little red lipstick goes a long way

– Stephanie Kwong’s shocking Match.com Nightmare and what it taught her about love

– Danielle Mercurio teaches us a sexy way to meditate with your man 

– Erica Mandy and Laura Petersen share their worst dates

– What do do when you’re in a nacracssistic relationship with Whitney Lauritsen and Nicole Dersweh

– And finally what the heck is a jade egg and how does it support our yonis with Suzy Hardy and Elise Carr

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