350: Candid Conversations About Cancer, Homeopathy, Home-birthing and More with Angie Fanning


Do you remember the moment when you “woke up?” Where you started realizing that everything you thought you knew about health wasn’t necessarily true?

You probably have had many moments in your life and you may even be going through a wellness awakening right now.

Alli was fortunate enough to have her awakening at the same time as her college best friend, Angie Fanning. Sadly it was because both were dealing with parents diagnosed with cancer. As they watched western medicine fail their families, they started to look into a holistic approach to health.

While everyone else thought they were a little crazy to balk at traditional western medicine practices, and instead start looking into nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, energy healing, and more they were lucky to have each other to go on this journey of discovery together.

Today, Angie Fanning is a Travel Agent and Founder of AwayBug.com. In this episode Alli and Angie discuss how the pandemic affected the travel business, how Angie overcame her chronic painful bladder infections, how she handled not one but two home-births, and more! And of course, they take it all the way back to college and share their stories of trying to save their parents from certain death and what set them both on the path to wellness. 

Tune In to Learn:

– How Alli and Angie learned the truth about health

– The best natural cure for bladder infections

– How homeopathy heals

– The surprising truth about natural births

– How to have a happy, healthy home-birth

– The Business of Being Born

– How the travel business is changing in the pandemic era

And more!

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