346: The Root Cause of All Disease and How to Heal – For Good – with Dr. Edward Group


What if the root cause of all disease could be broken down to one thing? And what if knowing what that one thing was could empower you to heal your body, mind, and spirit for good??

Everyone wants to feel good. Feeling energetic, positive, and physically well every day is one of the keys to a happy life. There isn’t a person on this planet who wants poor health. Unfortunately, many factors in the modern world cause a decline in vitality — particularly environmental toxins, poor diet, stress, and lifestyle.

The ultimate key to health lies at the heart of todays’ guest Dr. Group’s philosophy and the concept that led him to build The Global Healing Center from the ground up — teach your body to heal itself.

(I know what you’re thinking! Could our values be in any more alignment?!)

The answer is yes! Like Allison, Dr. Group lost both of his parents to cancer at an early age. These losses propelled him into the world of natural health. As a Western-Medicine trained doctor, he had no idea the journey he would go on to discover the truth about the cancer industry, natural health, the root cause of disease and how to truly heal and thrive.

Dr. Group’s philosophy is simple: If you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and take steps on a wellness journey, at your own pace, your body will start to heal itself. 

In today’s episode Dr. Group will break down the root cause of all disease and how to heal yourself- for good!

Tune in to Learn:

  • The Root Cause of All Disease
  • The Main Detoxification Organ You Need To Cleanse – NOW
  • How to Rid Your Body of Toxicity
  • How Dr. Group’s Patient Reversed Stage 4 Cancer After Being Given Months to Live
  • Why Nikola Tesla Was The Original Pioneer of Alternative Health
  • How to Know if You Have Parasites (and How to Rid Yourself of Those Pesky Devils!)
  • How to Pandemic-Proof Your Life
  • Why It’s Time to Turn off the News and STOP Fear in it’s Tracks
  • The Truth About Electromagnetic Radiation (AKA 5G)
  • Why Not All Supplements Are Created Equal (The Truth is Shocking!)
  • Dr. Groups’ Immunity-Boosting Protocol (You Need This!)
  • The Immunity Natural Compound That No One Else is Talking About
  • The Healthiest Water to Hydrate and Heal You
  • Why Dr. Group Does NOT compromise on quality (unlike other brands)
  • Why Global Healing Center Products Are Different (Ahem, better!)
  • And more!

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