354: Healing Multiple Sclerosis : Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover For Total Recovery with Ann Boroch


Ann Boroch’s doctor leafed through page after page of her medical chart–EEG results, neurological exams, evoked potential tests…

She had undergone two weeks of tests hoping to learn what was causing the spasms, numbness, tingling, and other neurological symptoms that had left her barely able to walk on her own. “Well, Ann,” he said, “the good news is, you don’t have cancer. The bad news is . . . you have multiple sclerosis.”

With those words, Ann became a statistic, one of an estimated three million people worldwide–500,000 in the United States alone–who are afflicted by the debilitating disease of multiple sclerosis. 

“. . . incurable . . . experiment with chemotherapy . . . slow the inevitable deterioration. . . .” 

He went on speaking, but she was in such shock that his words made no sense to her. Traditional Western medicine had failed to cure mher of serious mononucleosis five years earlier. Ann had no confidence that it could help her now. 

Ann left his office, and after two weeks of physical suffering, mental turmoil, and emotional torture, she turned her back on the traditional medical treatments for MS. She was only twenty-four, and terrified, but she refused to accept the prospect of spending her life in a wheelchair. “I will not be another MS statistic,” she promised myself. And slowly, bit by bit, Ann created her own self-care program based on integrative medicine methods. 

Four tumultuous years later, Ann Boroch reversed MS. 

Ann learned what we believe at Food Heals to be true: health is more than just the physical body. Health means a balance of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. When you experience a chronic disease, all facets of the self must be examined. This means moving beyond the symptoms to address diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise, negative thoughts, fear-based emotions, and self-limiting belief systems. 

Eventually, Ann hopes, the usual paradigm in Western medi­cine will shift to a realization that even if two people have the same disease, they must be treated as individuals based on the knowledge that each person’s history is unique, that health is more than just treating the physical body, and that it is essen­tial to go to the root cause. Then cures will be the rule, not the exception to the rule. 

Ann teaches us that health is a choice. Yes, the body has an innate inner intelligence that works at keeping itself balanced through the process known as homeostasis. But this is not enough to maintain health if you are making unhealthy choices, entertaining negative thoughts, bombarding your body with depleted foods, overwhelming it with stress, and holding on to fear-based emotions. Whenever you make the apparently simple choice of what to eat each day, you are actually choosing whether you want health–or not. 

Even as Ann took the first steps on her healing journey, it was clear to her that she would be moving not only toward achieving recovery, but also toward helping others to move through the complexities of autoimmune disease.

With her newfound knowledge Ann became a nutritionist and naturopath with a fifteen-year practice, during which she’s seen thousands of clients for various health conditions. Based on both her personal and her professional experience, it is her responsibility, and her passion, not just to educate you about the causes of MS and how to reverse it, but also to inspire others with the knowledge that they can triumph and reverse chronic, degenerative disease.

Sadly, Ann Boroch passed away in 2017, but her legacy lives on through her books: 

Healing Multiple Sclerosis: Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover for Total Recovery, New Revised Edition

The Candida Cure: The 90-Day Program to Balance Your Gut, Beat Candida, and Restore Vibrant Health

The Candida Cure Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Reset Your Health and Restore Your Vitality

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