326: Tapping For Weight Loss: Kill your Cravings, End Emotional Eating, and Lose Fat Permanently with Brittany Watkins


Do you want to know how you can condense 10 years worth of therapy into 5-minute processes? Let’s find out in today’s episode with Brittany Watkins!

Brittany Watkins is America’s leading expert in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping for weight loss. She has trained more than 400 PHds, therapists and counselors in her unique psychological methods to end self-sabotage, blockers to weight loss, and much more. She is also the founder of the 6-week Think and Thin program that is geared to help those who suffer from food cravings and emotional eating. 

Join Host Allison Melody and co-host Ashley Fillingim as they explore Brittany‘s journey into self-mastery and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Listen now to learn how Brittany transformed her traumas into triumph and now helps millions of women with her breakthrough tapping techniques.  

Tune in to learn: 

[5:55] Becoming your own therapist: How Brittany got first introduced to EFT or “Tapping” 

[8:00] The Watkins method of Tapping and how it is specifically made for weight loss (and lazy people!)

[14:47] Are you a part of the “clean your plate” club? Find out here!

[19:56] No sugar? Are you kidding?? The weight loss blockers and the subconscious strategy of naturally slim people 

[28:12] Weight loss blocker #2: “My friends and family will treat me differently if I release the weight”

[32:32] How the Tapping process severs the amygdala and combines 10 years of therapy into 5 minute processes

[38:18] Brittany differentiates weight loss from tapping

[43:53] How childhood trauma and upbringing influences your mental and physical health

[48:30] How food will show you what needs to be healed in your life!

Go to PushTheFoodAway.com to watch Brittany’s free 7-minute “Echo Tapping” Technique to end emotional eating and lose fat Permanently!

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“The biggest problem I have is most people can’t believe the results because they’re so used to having to struggle to try to get themselves to do these behaviors that I’m teaching them to do unconsciously.”

– Brittany Watkins

“Food is one the hardest addictions because we have to eat!”

– Brittany Watkins

“A lot of people feel like if they change their body they’ll lose that connection with their friends, family, maybe sister or mom will be jealous or upset, or they will feel like they won’t fit in any more.” 

– Brittany Watkins

“I truly believe that we have soul contracts with our wounders and once we get to a place where we heal and learn completely, the contract breaks and they no longer have to be that person for us.”

– Brittany Watkins

“This is one of the most beautiful things about food and addiction is that the food will actually show you what needs to be healed in your life in order to put you on the path that you’re meant to be on.” 

– Brittany Watkins

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