303: How Meditation Can Help You Combat Fear and Cope with Anxiety with Katie Krimitsos


When news of the Coronavirus first began circulating, Katie Krimitsos was like many others…frustrated and annoyed that it consumed the news and everyone’s conversation around her. Especially her husband’s. Chris Krimitsos was preparing for his big event at the time and was understandably ingesting – and therefore worrying – about every little news update. He couldn’t talk about anything else. So, out of a deep desire to ease his anxiety, Katie created a Coronavirus Anxiety Meditation for him that she released on her podcast, The Women’s Meditation Network.

In just the first week that meditation went live, Katie was flooded with feedback about it. About how it was helping people sleep when their minds were spinning at night. How it gave people a sense of calm as their lives were changing drastically every single day. How it reminded people to find their own space of awareness without getting saturated by the news.

And as time passed and more serious announcements were made, her initial irritation with the virus turned to intense alertness. And out came the fear, the worry, the anxiety and so much more.

Katie knew she had to do more.

So, she created CoronavirusMeditations.com so you can easily find guided meditations that will help you in the whirlwind of emotions you might be feeling right now.

Included here are meditations from some of the most amazing healers, guides and souls Katie knows so you can have easy access to meditations that will help you let go of the fear and anxiety and connect to the calmness within. So you can navigate these times with presence, love, compassion and kindness.

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