278: The Gut as a Powerful Tool to Beat Infertility and Chronic Disease with Katherine Maslen


What do cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies, mental health and fertility all have in common? The gut.


Your microbiome does everything from digesting food to absorbing minerals to regulating your immune system and your hormones. All disease begins in the gut… and that’s where healing begins as well! So in this week’s episode we couldn’t wait to interview an international expert on the topic of gut health, Katherine Maslen.


Katherine got into nutrition after witnessing a close friend’s journey through lupus, an autoimmune disease. As she got sicker, her medicine cabinet grew, yet none of these medications had any positive effect on her health. She passed away at just 52.


Katherine knew there just had to be a better way. This is what led her to create the Shift Clinic, an international wellness company that is changing the face of health and empowering people to take control of their healing journey. 


Here’s some quick tips for rebalancing your microbiome, improving your fertility, detoxing, and boosting your wellbeing:


  • Avoid plastics – these are endocrine disrupters, which means they mess up your hormones.
  • Avoid pesticides – go organic instead (check out the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen and clean Fifteen lists).
  • Avoid gluten and dairy.
  • Drink purified, filtered water – around 8 cups a day.
  • Fill up on fiber (gluten free whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables) – it binds to toxins and takes them out of the body.
  • Balance is everything – if you fancy a glass of wine, go for it (just try to make it organic and vegan).
  • Focus on the emotional connection. 



Want more advice like this? There are two resources you have just got to try next:

Check out Katherine’s book Get Well Stay Well to discover the secrets to get back in touch with your body and start thriving. 

Listen to the Shift Podcast



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What you’ll learn in Episode 278:

  • How Katherine overcame drug addiction and homelessness
  • A shocking statistic – what will 70% of us die of?
  • The connection between our microbiome and our wellbeing
  • Why it’s time to stop being germ-phobic
  • The #1 food to avoid if you want to heal your gut
  • How wellness brands are being shut down (and how you can get to the real information)
  • The healthiest way to prepare for a baby
  • How to change your environment to improve your fertility
  • What happens when you heat plastic-wrapped food
  • The ingredients to kick out of your life to balance your hormones
  • The best way to absorb turmeric
  • How to heal your emotions to heal your body


Our favorite moments:

@2:19 That’s something that really needs to change

@5:50 There is wisdom in your wounds

@11:08 The stats are stacking up

@13:07 Dirt smoothie?

@37:05 You might be drinking birth control!

@44:00 Make your everyday diet awesome


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