265: Creating a Spiritually Aligned Relationship with Food to Change Your Body, Business and Life with Spirit Junkies Meg, Kelly, Michelle, Alana and Dano


Food (whether good, bad or otherwise) has a massive impact on our lives…AND our businesses! Check out these five stories on how the right food inspired (and motivated) someone to be their best selves!


Meg Sylvester

Meg’s entire spiritual awakening was linked with food. For years, she had suffered from daily migraines, acne, depression, stomach issues, lethargy. She even thought she had a brain tumor. But she couldn’t get a diagnosis; doctors would check her bloods and tell her she was fine.


It was reading Grain Brain and The Universe Has Your Back that flicked a switch on the food/mood/soul connection. She became obsessed with the idea of functional medicine & root cause medicine – of finding the root cause of what was triggering her issues. Suddenly she felt empowered to shift out of victim mentality into lighthouse mentality, and answer her soul’s calling. Changing what she ate meant having the energy and mental clarity to follow her dreams. That’s what propelled her out of her corporate job and into her current work – coaching others to find the root cause of their limiting beliefs, uproot them and, step into a vibrant life.


Meg is now a spiritual entrepreneur on a mission to inspire others to build the purpose driven business of their dreams!


Just one year after completing Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Meg’s led four beautiful and powerful women’s retreats. The next one is a women’s self-awakening and connection retreat in Guatemala – where you can connect with the earth, the Mayan culture and try sacred plant medicine. It’s in October and there are a few spots left. Go to her website for more details.


Kelly Lynn Adams

As a type A personality, Kelly was always doing, always striving, always busy, and never taking time out for herself. Little wonder, she was burnt out and struggling with her weight and autoimmune issues. Kelly knew that if she felt better, she’d do better, and she was determined to do something better with her life. So, she stared watching what she was eating, drinking tons of water, moving her body. She lost 40 pounds and healed her chronic thyroid condition, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. How? By mimicking fasting with ProLon – getting her body to think it’s fasting, when you’re actually eating.


Of course, it was as much a mental journey as it was a food one. For Lynn, it was about focusing on the present moment, rather than “future-tripping”. Visualizations, affirmations, and believing before seeing. Detoxing from junk foods, but also junk thoughts, junk people, even junk content (like the news!!). Spirit Junkie Masterclass helped Lynn to trust and know that everything is working out for her highest good. Since then, her career has pivoted, because that trust allowed her to align her business with what matters to her.


Kelly is a certified business leadership and life coach, writer, motivational speaker. She has helped thousands of women build their businesses, shift their mindset and step into their divine power. Check her out at www.kellylynnadams.com.  



Michelle De Matheu  

Michelle had a spiritual awakening when she recovered from anorexia. She was working as a fashion designer, living in New York, living the dream she’d had since she was 4. But she felt disconnected with her body. She didn’t know how to love herself. Her aha! moment came when she realized her eating disorder was a teacher, that it was opening the door to freedom. She knew she had to peel back the layers, forgive and fall in love with herself again.


Michelle used yoga and meditation to reconnect with her body. Reading about the benefits of food helped her reshape her beliefs around eating. By looking at the benefits of food, rather than counting calories, helped her realize that food could help her, and was not something to be afraid of. On this journey, she began to share her struggles, what she was learning and her passion for healing food.


For Michelle, the best thing about Spirit Junkie Masterclass is the community, the powerful spirit junkie tribe that keeps her motivated and keeps her energy up. The class also gave her the tools to apply spiritual principles to her business routine and gave her the kick to take action, come out of the spiritual business closet, and step into what she really felt called to do. Now, she’s a mind, body and soul stylist, a motivator, life coach and speaker who supports people to transform their lives from the inside out.


Michelle’s powerful self-love practices:

  • Affirmations spoken out loud in front of the mirror
  • Prayer – which helps you to connect with the universe
  • Recognize that divinity is already within you
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Cultivate trust in your intuition and in the flow of life
  • Prepare your food at home and put love into that food


Alana Holden

Vegan recipe developer, food photographer and blogger behind Sprouts and Krauts,Alana turns the produce from her garden into delicious, colorful, plant-based food.


Making the shift to veganism completely changed Alana’s life journey. She originally tried veganism because she wanted a quick fix to get fit and lose weight before a big event. But within a few weeks, she saw the ethical and environmental aspects of veganism and that’s what kept her going long after she’d met her fitness goals. She even went back to school (she was originally a graphic designer) to learn how to implement vegan cooking and nutrition in her life and share it with the world.


Now, she runs the vegan blog Sprouts and Krauts, which is all about fermented foods and recipes made from the produce she grows in her garden.


For Alana, food is all about connection. Being aware of the mind-body connection – eating in a way that serves the body and helps you get to your highest self. So many people are stuck in a cycle of eating foods that make them feel sluggish and depressed. But it’s possible to choose foods that enhance health, that nourish the body and nourish the soul. And being vegan doesn’t just help your body, it helps the planet and the animals too!


After taking Spirit Junkie Class Digital, Alana learned to tap into her own potential and learned just how imperative it is to share her gifts with the world. It helped her become more aware of her own food triggers and go from using food to numb her emotions to using food to nourish body and soul. Connect with her on Instagram!


Dano González

Dano is a yoga and meditation teacher, angel therapist practitioner & oracle card reader, medium, and owner of Numen yoga restaurant.


Believe it or not, but Dano used to be a carnivore. He ate meat three times a day. But one day he realized he felt angry all the time, and stressed, and anxious, and always sleepy. He began meditating, and that allowed him to realize that what he was putting in his mouth was affecting his entire being. He began to eat more plant foods, and things began to shift.


Did you know meat has no energy, or prana? Worse, it has the energy of the animal that was tortured and killed. Fear, anger, suffering – these energies are in the meat and end up in your body. Organic vegetables, on the other hand, energize you, cleanse you, and improve your intuition.


How to detox and start shifting your health:

  • Eliminate all animal foods from your diet
  • Add green smoothies and green juices
  • Go organic as often as possible
  • Minimize your intake of vegan processed foods
  • Increase your intake of fresh foods


Dano opened his restaurant Nümen to help people eat healthy plant-based foods that are so full of flavor it encourages them to open their minds to make the transition to veganism.


Since Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Dano found his voice, found his story, claimed his power and found a family. The first class he launched after the course attracted over 3k followers. “Spirit Junkie helps us be the spiritual leaders that our hearts are calling us to be.” Dano’s advice when it comes to Spirit Junkie: “You have to do it, and your life is going to change for the best.”


Follow him on Instagram!


What you’ll learn in Episode 265:

  • The book that wakes a lot of people up when it comes to food
  • What is functional medicine?
  • How to connect with your food
  • How to reboot your body
  • How to communicate with your body
  • The two things you need to combine for ultimate success
  • The practice that will reconnect you with yourself
  • What being authentic can do for you and the world
  • What happens when you get out of your comfort zone
  • The miracle food that will help you have lucid dreams
  • Why it’s important to eat with the seasons
  • What fermented food can do you for your health
  • What is it about meat?
  • The invisible force that affects your emotions
  • The link between non-organic food and fear


Our favorite moments:

@5:34 This book is going to change my life

@10:19 We are mind body soul

@23:26 Spirit Junkie for life

@37:02 That’s where transformation happens

@1:05:04 Affirmations have real power

@1:10:19 I was born to do this

@1:33:44 The world needs this

@1:53.30 Every human is special, and needed


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