260: Healing Toxic Emotions, Losing 60 Pounds and The Power of Intuition with Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers


Laura Powers was born in the same part of France as one of the world’s most famous psychics: Joan of Arc. In a sense, it was her destiny to become a clairvoyant. But just like all journeys, Laura had to overcome many obstacles before finding her true path.


Having been thin all her life, at 30 years old Laura was on the edge of obesity. She had gained a ton of weight, and nothing she did was helping her lose it. She had bad skin, sleep problems, leaky gut, and PCOS. She was also unemployed and in a toxic marriage.


So how did she heal her body and transform her life to become a celebrity psychic, model, writer, actress, singer, producer and podcaster?


She listened to her intuition and connected with her guardian angels. There are angels everywhere, just waiting for you to reach out and ask for guidance. When she did, they answered. Knowing she wasn’t alone gave Laura the courage to make choices from a place of love and hope.


She transformed her diet, quitting diary, soy and wheat. Did you know gluten is one of the major factors in inflammation? And where there’s inflammation, there’s chronic disease. For Laura, this inflammation was so severe than after she quit wheat, she didn’t just lose weight, she dropped two shoe sizes! And then she discovered the she had parasites (Laura used Dr. Todd’s Microbe Formulas to get rid of these, and a huge tape worm!).



But healing has to be holistic to be complete – that means you have to go beyond diet and exercise to really heal. Take excess weight, for example. The body stores toxins in fat cells, as a way of protecting your organs from toxic damage. So if you’re in a toxic situation, or surrounded by toxic people, your body hangs on to that fat – no amount of dieting and working out will help. Until you do the inner work. When Laura left her marriage, she lost 30 pounds almost instantly.


Your emotions literally change the chemical structure of your cells with every single thought. If you don’t believe us, check out The Hidden Messages in Water. This groundbreaking work involved meditating over water, sending it either love or hate, and then taking photographs of the water molecules. The water that had been loved showed perfectly crystallized patterns. The water that had been hated was chaotic, misshapen and fragmented.


Fact: we are made up of over 80% water. So what do you think is happening to your body when you are constantly hating it, or if you’re stuck in self-doubt, or are always criticizing yourself or someone else? Or if you’re always around negative people? Exactly. That’s why it’s so important to do the inner work, and take a step back from toxic relationships. Connecting with your intuition and psychic wisdom really helps with this.


How to access psychic wisdom:

  • Find some quiet time and pay attention to your intuitive messages.
  • Don’t be afraid – you’re not trapped in any situation.
  • Ask angels for guidance – they’re all around, just waiting to help you.
  • Practice, the Universe is always trying to communicate with you. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the signs. It’s a conversation: ask!
  • Book a psychic reading with Laura.


On the next episode, Laura’s back to talk about ghosts, angels and manifesting! Make sure you tune in!


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What you’ll learn in Episode 260:

  • How your fat is actually protecting you
  • What’s stopping you from losing weight (hint – it’s not chocolate)
  • How to pull out the weeds and plant flowers in your own soul
  • The biggest problem with our education system
  • How to communicate with the Universe
  • What happened to Laura’s feet when she quit wheat
  • How your body is telling you something is wrong
  • How long to quit wheat for before you notice a difference
  • Do you have parasites?
  • The connection between emotions and physical health


Our favorite moments:

@3:58 Dropped 30 pounds almost immediately

@10:02 It was so much more magical

@11:09 What is school actually teaching us?

@22:05 It was just nuts!

@25:01 A massive tapeworm

@28:43 Actual scientific fact


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