241: Ayurveda 101 – How to Balance Your Doshas and Thrive with Best Selling Author and Ayurvedic Expert Sahara Rose


World renowned keynote speaker, best-selling author, world traveler (and recently engaged in Bali!) Sahara Rose wasn’t always a glowing picture of health and success.


In fact, she went through a really tough time – she didn’t have periods, lost her hair, suffered from bloating and constipation. No one could find the cause or cure the problem. Until one day she read about the Vata Dosha – it was like reading her autobiography. Following Ayurvedic practices to bring her dosha back to balance, Sahara regained her health.


But it was hard – Ayurveda processes are old school, and many don’t work for today’s busy lifestyles. So Sahara redesigned these ancient practices to fit the modern world.


Her two books – The Idiot’s guide to Ayurveda and Eat Feel Fresh (with a foreword by Deepak Chopra!) – offer simple and easy to follow strategies to get your doshas, and your health, back into balance.



What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is over 5,000 years old; it’s the world’s oldest heath system. It means “the knowledge of life.” Ayurveda involves your entire life in order to heal you: nutrition, digestion, self-care, movement, morning rituals, your environment, your relationships, and your purpose.  


What Dosha Are YOU?

Dosha means energy. In Ayurveda, we’re all made up of energies from the elements space, air, fire, water and earth. The three doshas are: Vata (air and space), Pita (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water). See which dosha you are below:



Mind When Balanced: creative, artistic, go with the flow, visionary

Mind When Unbalanced: difficulty coming down to earth, anxiety, everything up in the air, not liking a set schedule

Body When Balanced: lean, flexible

Body When Unbalanced: cold skin, slow digestion, bloating, cracking joints, unbalanced appetite, dry skin



Mind When Balanced: feisty, high energy, driven, business-minded, regimented, likes routine, motivated

Mind When Unbalanced: angry, aggressive

Body When Balanced: strong and athletic

Body When Unbalanced: high risk of inflammation, heart burn, acne, rashes



Mind When Balanced: calm, peaceful, very giving

Mind When Unbalanced: gives too much, unable to set boundaries, people pleaser

Body When Balanced: solid, endurance

Body When Unbalanced: lethargic and prone to increased mucous.  


We are all a combination of all three doshas, in varying amounts, though they change depending on your stage in life.


Ayurveda heals the doshas within us so that we can re-balance our health. To find out YOUR dosha, take the quiz on Sahara’s website.


How to Rebalance Your Dosha:

Vata = Warm, grounding foods – think roots! Stay away from excessively cold foods.

Pita = Cooling, alkalizing foods – more leafy greens, bitter veg, coconut. Avoid spicy foods.

Kapha = Stimulating foods – warming spices to rev up metabolism.


In her latest book Eat Feel Fresh, Sahara makes it easy to incorporate this ancient healing practice into your life with over 100(!) Ayurvedic plant-based recipes. Her other book, An Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda contains all the self-care and lifestyle strategies to take your health to the next level. Check out Sahara’s podcast, Highest Self.


Ayurvedic self-care 101:

  • Tongue scraping – helps your digestion & keeps your mouth fresh
  • Oil pulling followed by warm water and salt – swill oil (coconut, sesame) for 3 to 20 minutes.
  • Dry brush – brush your skin upwards towards your heart to remove dead skin cells.
  • Oil your body – give yourself a massage, hone in on the dry bits & show your body some love.


What you’ll learn in Episode 241:

  • How you’re already practicing Ayurveda
  • What your dosha has to do with your routine
  • A personality test mixed with health and wellness
  • How to overcome negative kapha
  • How your lifestyle affects your dosha
  • The best foods to eat to re-balance your dosha
  • Two antidotes to a stressful lifestyle
  • Is our technology really making things easier?
  • When is healthy food not good for you?
  • Why a raw food diet isn’t always the best diet
  • Wellness tips you can benefit from, no matter what dosha you are
  • How your tongue communicates with your gut
  • Why traditional mouthwash is making your mouth worse
  • How to boost your immune system with one self-care habit


Our favorite moments:

@0:40 Am I hallucinating right now?

@32:30 Have a relationship with your tongue

@38:20 It’s so good, I crave it.


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