20: Cure the common cold naturally


It’s that time of year!  Cold and flu season!  Even though these are normally thought of as winter time ailments, the truth is you can get them any time of year, for a variety of reasons.  Although your first inclination may be to run to the Doctor to get some medication and an anti-biotic, we want to show you how you can treat these viral infections naturally, without subjecting your body to potentially harmful medications.

It is important to realize that both colds and the flu are viral infections, which means that they are completely unfazed by any sort of anti-biotic.  The only thing prescriptions can do is treat the symptoms.  So, we want to give you some ways to help heal yourself from these infections naturally.  Your immune system can become stronger as it gets exposed to more germs.   Giving your body the opportunity to fight off infection, actually strengthens your immune system.  Your body really was designed to provide you with immunity to toxins, so letting it work the way it was intended is a good immune system “work-out”.

Even though you may have a cold, we don’t expect you to suffer!  There are some natural ways to treat the symptoms and get fast relief from the duress your body is under.  It can help to know why you got sick in the first place.  There are so many “wives tales” and myths about how you actually catch a cold, and most of them are simply not true.  It’s not because you went outside with wet hair, the weather changed, or you stayed outside in the cold too long.

The main cause of the common cold, is chronic stress.  Making a regular practice of reducing your stress level, through meditation, yoga, massage, eliminating toxic environments, and eating healthy, goes a long way towards preventing colds!

Tune in to this episode to hear the best natural remedies for the common cold!  We reveal our favorite vitamins, minerals and herbs that will shorten your cold, and relieve your symptoms.  We also share some tips on getting healthy injections, when you need an extra immune system boost!


Our Favorite Moments:

@2:45 – Allison’s flash back to high school science class

@6:48 – Myths about how you catch a cold

@9:15 – Don’t take zinc on an empty stomach

@9:50 – What makes Suzy say “Don’t be ridiculous!”

@13:20 – Can you overdose on vitamin C?

@14:22 – Live to 99 years old with no wrinkles

@15:39 – If you only take one thing for a cold……take this!

@17:17 – The #1 thing to avoid when you are trying to heal a cold

@18:00 – Are you shopping at a store with good supplements or bad supplements?

@21:00 – Your typical MD isn’t trained in nutrition

@21:30 – Tootsie flashback

@23:30 – Why you shouldn’t eat dairy when you are sick

@31:00 – Why your pee is really yellow

@32:00 – This stinky food can help you heal

@34:20 – Doing this type of fast will help you heal

@35:52 – Drink this tea when you are sick

@37:27 – Elderberry liquid and a childhood memory

@38:15 – They have a vitamin C shot?

@41:00 – Aloe Vera and the unsavory side effect

@42:45 – We hit the daily quote for the word “ingest”

@43:00 – Your body is telling you that you are doing too much

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