18: Do what you love with Vince Lia, The Healthy Vegan Guy


Do you wake up every day doing what you love or dreading what you do? At The Food Heals Podcast we believe that living your passion is a key component to good health.

If we’re not happy then we’re not healthy. If we are stressed out working long hours, stuck in traffic and then have no outlet, no joy in our day than what is the point? To get a bigger house, bigger car and nicer clothes? Those things do not bring true happiness. What will bring true happiness is doing what you love on a regular basis.

So ask yourself, are you truly doing things you are passionate about on a regular basis? Are you giving an outlet to your creativity or are you stifling it and saying, “I’ll take that painting class next month” or I’ll write my novel in a few years when I have more time.” I have news for you. It will never be the right time and you will never have more time. The time is now. Start today!

In this episode, I welcome Vince Lia to the co-host chair to help me talk about doing what we love to do. We just both happen to be passionate about a healthy vegan life, but it doesn’t matter what it is you are passionate about, the same principles apply. If you haven’t listened to Vince’s episode on The Food Heals Podcast where he shares how becoming a vegan helped his ulcerative colitis, then be sure to check that out here.


Our Favorite Moments:

@4:30 – Allison breaks out in song
@6:45 – Find a way to do what you love
@7:38 – Vince gets stuck in traffic, but doesn’t mind
@8:40 – Find your passion – it’s not work
@9:40 – Allison channels Gary V
@12:50 – Restriction is not what we are preaching
@13:57 – How you can hear Vince’s back story
@15:40 – Vegan Beerfest? Yes please!
@17:50 – Operation Slim Sharky
@19:00 – Charlotte’s secret food habits revealed
@23:55 – Who wouldn’t want to do something they love?
@24:45 – Pick ONE thing and just do it
@27:45 – Allison’s biggest challenges
@29:00 – The awakening that changed Allison’s life
@30:15 – Vince’s biggest challenge and how it still gets him
@31:43 – Letting go of perfectionism can change your life
@34:10 – You can’t be an imposter of your authentic self
@38:30 – Using food to heal the body
@41:10 – Getting over the hardest hurdle to healing
@44:45 – Spice it up!
@50:00 – Making your passions your paycheck
@57:50 – Allison’s take aways from the Hay House Writer’s Conference


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