174: Health Hacks to Help You Live to 100 & Become a Wellness Warrior


Welcome to Episode 3 of our 4-part Wellness Warrior series! This week, our plant-powered team includes How to Live to 100 host Jason Wrobel, vegan chef and unicorn brunch specialist Nicole Derseweh, and YouTube personality Eco-Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen, who share their health hacks for longevity. Listen now!


Have you heard of the blue zones? These are 5 cities across the world where people live the longest. What are their secrets? Pretty simple things, actually: movement, nourishing food, community, and spirituality. But it gets better! A longevity lifestyle includes wine (enjoyed responsibly), chocolate (the right kind) and sex (the good kind). Yay!


Why are these things so good for you? Because they reduce the chronic stress our modern lifestyles are packed with. Diet, relationships (with ourselves and others), and stress are today’s silent killers: they affect our health on a molecular level. But you have the power to protect your health, and live longer and happier.


Epigenetics research shows that while our genetics load the gun, our lifestyle pulls the trigger. What this means is that while someone might have a family history of cancer or obesity, these genes only pre-dispose them to disease. How we choose to live our life will determine whether or not those genes wake up. Our daily lifestyle choices, our emotions, and our attitude all affect our genetic expressions.


Of course, it’s not just about just getting to 100 or living as long as possible: it’s about being fit, healthy and happy as long as possible. Quality of life, not just quantity. For that, we need to go beyond just diet and exercise, and look at our attitude. How do you begin your day (check out our Morning Routine Episode)? How to you view yourself and your health? Do you put love into everything you do?


If you want to live a long, vibrant life, you can make that choice: the choice to show up with an attitude of gratitude and a positive vibration.


In the next episode of our Wellness Warrior series, we’ll talk about how to do what you love every day AND how to turn that into a career! Stay tuned!



What you’ll learn in Episode 174:

  • How to drink wine for longevity
  • Raw cacao vs chocolate bars: why not all chocolate helps you feel better
  • How to eat healthy the European way
  • Wellness Warriors’ favorite dark chocolate brands
  • The highest known source of magnesium (you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)
  • How to switch your negative attitude to positive gratitude
  • Wellness Warriors’ favorite vegan wines
  • Tips to find your community



If you like this series and want to up level your wellness and build a thriving joyful healthy life, we’ve each created a training course just for you.

  • Eaternity: How to heal your mind body and spirit and live to 100 with Jason Wrobel
  • Morning Wellness: AM elixirs to fuel your day and heal you from the inside out with Nicole Derseweh
  • Wellness 101: How to eat healthy organic and vegan on a budget with Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen
  • Alternative medicine awakening: How to transform your routine for wellness and weight-loss with Allison Melody


Sign up by November 1st and you’ll receive these amazing wellness bonuses:


  • Whitney’s e-book Healthy Organic Vegan on a Budget
  • 3 months’ access to The Food Heals VIP Club
  • Jason Wrobel’s 5-month program My Healthy Hustle (which includes a coaching call with Jason!)


Go to www.foodhealsnation.com/wellness for more information!



Our favorite moments:

@5:46 Magic yoni power

@6:55 On fire!

@11:15 Be careful with the Chardonnay!

@19:04 I’m going to make it to 200.

@40:54 Loma Linda secrets of longevity


Check out these great longevity resources!

  • Barnivore: will tell you which wine is vegan
  • EcoVeganPal: Whitney’s online community for people who want to meet like-minded people
  • Live Long and Master Aging podcast: Longevity secrets from Loma Linda
  • Kitchen Table: an app based on the principle of building community around food. It’s about connecting and making new relationships. Anyone can sign up to host a meal – at your home, restaurant, or public place.


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