103: Healing Yourself Naturally of PCOS and Leaky Gut


Could digestive issues be masking a more serious problem? That’s what Kate Kordsmeier found five years ago when she was diagnosed with PCOS. After trying a cocktail of various prescription meds, each with their own slew of side effects to deal with, enough was enough—she decided to heal herself naturally. Kate got off the pill and found a holistic integrative doctor who helped her rebalance her hormones with whole foods and supplements. Although she was originally a skeptic, she was blown away by the results. Just 12 months after she embarked on her holistic health journey, she felt amazing.


Kate founded Root + Revel to share her experience and connect more personally with her readers. Her website is packed full of tips on living an 80/20 lifestyle and detoxing your world from chemicals. It provides natural recipes for delicious whole foods and toxin-free skincare and household cleaning products. Kate is all about finding the balance between “good” and “good for you.”


What you’ll discover:

  • What the pill does to your hormones.
  • How the pill may be affecting your dating life (without you even realizing it!).
  • Simple tips to eat more naturally (without compromising on flavor).
  • The first steps you can take to start the healing process.
  • Tips to thrive on an 80/20 lifestyle.
  • The best supplements to help PCOS.
  • Kate, Allison and Suzie’s favorite probiotics.
  • Why cleaning products can disrupt your hormones.
  • How to avoid phthalates.
  • Kate’s quick and easy recipe for a nourishing DIY moisturizer.


Kate Kordsmeier’s Bio

Kate Parham Kordsmeier is an Atlanta-based freelance food and travel writer and recipe developer for more than 100 publications, including USA Today, EatingWell, Travel + Leisure, Cooking Light, The Washington Post, Clean Eating, Conde Nast Traveler, FITNESS, Delta Sky, Women’s Health, American Way, Shape, Wine Enthusiast, Vegetarian Times, The Travel Channel, SELF, Rachael Ray Every Day, Real Simple, Esquire, Modern Luxury and DRAFT. She is also the Atlanta Editor for About.com, the author of the cookbook Atlanta Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Big Peach and the founder of Root + Revel, a food and wellness site devoted to natural living.


After stints in Los Angeles, Italy, Dallas and Washington D.C., Kate returned to her hometown of Atlanta, where she continues to report on food and wine (spanning restaurants to nutrition), travel, culture, health, wellness and other lifestyle topics. With an insatiable curiosity and an analytical journalist’s eye, Kate’s passion lies in telling stories that spotlight innovative tastemakers, talented artists and honest companies who put sustainability and health first. After nearly a decade of freelance reporting, Kate’s rolodex is stocked with the best chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, winemakers, purveyors, farmers, artisans, guides, experts and researchers from around the world, ensuring she’s always got an expert source to add credibility and authority to any story.  You can also catch Kate on TV–she’s worked as a spokesperson and hosted food and travel shows for CNN, Where Traveler and Explore Georgia–and on the radio at her podcast..


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Our Favorite Moments:

@9:33 It’s like a ballet.

@11:40 That would explain my dating life!

@19:10 Aliens did not make the deodorant.

@39:50 Broccoli in a pill!


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