412: From Seed to Harvest: How True Leaf Market Can Help You Grow a Successful Garden with Parker Garlitz


What is Vitamin L and why is it important? What are cover crops and what do we need to know about them? How can we grow wheatgrass, sprouts, microgreens and more at home?

In episode 412 of Food Heals, Allison Melody interviews Parker Garlitz, co-founder of True Leaf Market, an independent non-GMO seed company that has been curating premium seed brands since 1974 to answer these questions and more.

Parker says, the modern diet often lacks food that is actually alive when you eat it, as even grocery store produce has been off the vine for days to weeks before it gets to you. Living foods such as sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass juice, and fresh garden produce eaten right after harvest can provide valuable nutrition.

“We believe that everyone should have access to indoor and outdoor growing,” said Garlitz. “We want to build and rebuild communities through growing by making it an accessible practice for all. We hope everyone can experience the joy of growing.”

Garlitz also discussed the benefits of growing cover crops, which he says is the most affordable and naturally sustainable way to revitalize garden soil for the coming growing season.

True Leaf Market curates premium brands such as Mountain Valley Seeds for conventional, Sustainable Seeds for organics, Kitazawa Seeds for Asian varieties, Mountain Valley Hybrids for F1 varieties, and Handy Pantry for sprouting. The company is dedicated to helping anyone begin growing and provides customer support and online growing information.

“We are intent on building strong relationships with suppliers, customers, and the home garden seed industry alike, to ensure that we are providing the best seed possible,” said Garlitz. “We hope you’ll make us your seed company of choice.”

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