315: Female Founders Who Are Shaking Up the Wellness Movement


According to the Global Wellness Institute, the health and wellness industry is now worth $4.2 trillion. On today’s episode of Food Heals we’re talking to four female founders who are shaking up the wellness movement in innovative and exciting ways.

Denise Woodard is Founder & CEO of Partake, a company she created when her daughter Vivian was diagnosed with serious food allergies. In 2016, Denise decided to leave her decade long career at Coca-Cola and sold cookies out of her car for 6 months. She even sold her engagement ring to fund the company! Partake features only simple, wholefood ingredients in their recipe and the cookies contain 20-30% less sugar than the other gluten-free and vegan cookies on the market.

Elizabeth Rider is author of The Health Habit and host of Elizabeth Eats on FMTV. In a world flooded with diet information, Elizabeth’s healthy recipes and straightforward nutrition advice draw millions of inspired readers to her popular blog. Best known for her fun and accessible approach to food and healthy living, she’s built an online wellness empire from scratch on her iPhone and laptop.

Paige Parsons Roache and Sherri Johnson are hosts of Plant-Based in the Burbs, and they go Facebook Live every Wednesday. Paige is the producer of Jane Unchained’s Lunch Break Live and Sherri is a personal trainer and the creator of W29 Activewear. Together, they share tips to transition to a plant-based diet, PLUS fitness, food swaps, and how to raise healthy plant-powered kids!

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