172: Magical Morning Routines: How to Set Up Each Day for Health, Wealth & Happiness


Welcome to the first part of our brand new 4-part Wellness Warrior Series! And it starts just like any great day should: with a magical morning routine. Because how you begin each day dramatically affects every area of your life. We’ve all felt the difference between a day we begin with a tall glass of lemon water and a yoga practice, versus a day when we hit the snooze button fifteen times before grudgingly dragging ourselves out of bed, right?


Our circadian rhythms can get totally out of balance, especially if we live in the city. There’s artificial light, wifi, EMF, irregular work hours, etc. and these all affect how we sleep, how we wake up, and how good (or bad) we feel. That’s why creating a magical morning routine can help you wrestle some of the control back, and work wonders for your wellness. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all model. We can’t all be early birds, thriving on 5am starts. You have to find your own sweet spot, just like today’s guests. Listen now!


For Eco-Vegan Gal and healthy living crusader Whitney Lauritsen, water, meditation and movement are the top three priorities. She starts her day on her rebounder or takes a moment to spend time outside. She also suggests journaling as a great way to begin your day, by setting your intention and aligning with a positive vibration.


The number one rule of magical morning routines, according to vegan chef, culinary comedian and Eaternity author Jason Wrobel, is: Don’t switch on your emails or social media before you’ve taken care of yourself. Jason’s routine includes lots of water with either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to alkalize, meditation, exercise and a plant-based breakfast. A good morning begins the night before, so create a sleep sanctuary: turn off your wifi and electrical devices, invest in black-out curtains, leave your phone on airplane mode.


Nicole Derseweh, vegan chef and founder of the Unicorn brunch pop up series in LA, begins her magical morning routine with a conscious loving breathing practice sending loving, healing energy to each part of her body and being grateful for how it has served her. She believes you should put your priorities at the top of your day. For her, it’s community and friendship, so her morning routine includes a hike with girlfriends.


Filmmaker & Podcast Host Allison Melody starts her day with a gratitude journal, and this is a simple practice that will change your entire day. As an energy boost, Allison practices various yoga poses utilizing breath of fire. The Kundalini Breath of Fire is an intense breathing practice that will get you fired up in the morning—great if you struggle to get up! And don’t forget your green smoothie!


You are the star and director of the movie of your life. You get to choose. Stay in bed and snooze, or get up and shine? Start your day believing in and attracted abundance, or start your day in fear and anxiety? When you start your day centered, you can create the day you want. By simply changing how you wake up, you can transform any area of your life faster than you ever thought possible.


Allison Melody, Whitney Lauritsen, Nicole Derseweh and Jason Wrobel on the Food Heals Podcast

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  • Wellness 101: How to eat healthy organic and vegan on a budget with Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen
  • Alternative Medicine Awakening: How to transform your routine for wellness and weight loss with Allison Melody.


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What you’ll learn in Episode 172:

  • Why it’s important to drink lots of water in the morning
  • The crucial element to a morning routine
  • How to lovingly start your day before you even get out of bed
  • How to structure your day for most productivity and wellness
  • A great self-care tip for type A’s
  • A simple trick to really deepen your gratitude practice
  • The most important work you need to do to make positive changes
  • How to work out what’s motivating your choices
  • How to let go of self-judgement
  • Getting over choice-overwhelm and decision-fatigue
  • How to move beyond right and wrong thinking
  • How to get clear on what’s right for you


Our favorite moments:

@7:07 Karaoke moment!!

@8:46 Jason’s sweet spot

@11:17 A new definition for “email”

@18:40 Avo toast monster

@21:39 Rocking the hustle

@34:01 The brain-game

@45:19 Choose-your-own-adventure-book

@46:59 Whatever you choose is going to be OK


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