165: How to Take Your Wellness Brand to the Next Level with Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen


We’re very excited to bring you a fabulous guest for this Bonus Friday episode! Eco Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen was one of our original mentors when we started launching the Food Heals Podcast. Listen now!


Whitney started her wellness brand nearly 10 years ago, back in 2008. She loved talking about veganism with other people but not everyone wanted to hear about it—so she decided to start a blog. Eco Vegan Gal was born. Over the years she realized this was her passion. So she left her steady filmmaking job to follow her dreams—the best decision she ever made. When she started, she didn’t know what she was doing, monetization-wise. Now, she’s a successful eco-entrepreneur, received the Ed Begley Jr. Environmental Activist Award in 2014, has been named on Mashable’s Top 75 Environmentalist to Follow on Twitter, and is one of NBC New York’s Top 10 Eco-hotties on Twitter. She’s also one of our favorite guests, and you can check out her story in Episodes 5, 11, and 21.


If you’ve ever dreamed of diving into a wellness business, we’ve got a very special offer for you. Creative Wellth is a brand Whitney started to help content creators learn how to monetize their work. This online course combines wellness and wealth to help you launch your business into the next level of abundance, influence and monetization. Whether you’re a health coach, vegan YouTuber, wellness blogger, or helping people in the holistic health space, Creative Wellth will teach you the strategies to make money doing what you love. There are four branches to Creative Wellth: the online course, the membership community, one to one coaching, and a free private Facebook group—so whatever type of support you need, there’s a resource perfect for you.


Enrollment to Creative Wellth actually closed to the public on July 19th, but Whitney is giving Food Heals Nation special access. She’s extended enrollment until Monday 31st July. So don’t miss out—if you want to make money doing what you love, this course is for you.


And when you sign up, you’ll also get two fabulous bonus from us: 3 months access to the Food Heals Nation VIP Club and three manifestation meditations guided by Suzy herself. All these will help you get clear on your goals, grow your audience with Facebook Groups, make your passion your paycheck, release anxiety and find peace, attract abundance into all areas of your life, remove creative blocks, and find divine inspiration. All these will help you go with what your heart truly wants to do and dive into your mission driven business.


Tune in to hear Whitney’s live video where she shares 37 ways you can make money online as a wellness content creator. You’ll get a taste of her Creative Wellth course and learn ways to monetize your content. There’s never been a better time to launch your heart-centered business and create a career that fits around your lifestyle.



What you’ll learn:

  • Why you can start your wellness brand today
  • Why it’s so much easier now to be taken seriously and launch your business
  • How to get brands to want to work with you
  • Whitney’s favorite business mentors
  • 37 ways to make money online



Our favorite moments:

@2:43 Channeling Oprah.

@7:22 Veganism lights me up

@15:35 How many ways to make money online??

@17:12 Full of swag

@20:27 Never ignore what your heart pumps for








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