421: The Most Shocking Stories We’ve Ever Heard on Food Heals – Part 1: Escaping Abuse and Two Near Death Experiences


Throughout the years, we have heard some crazy and sometimes shocking stories on Food Heals. In this series, we’re sharing the best of the best. You’ll hear about a woman who had only 11 hours to escape from an abusive husband with her daughter in tow without letting him find out. You’ll also hear from an actress who survived not one but TWO near-death experiences, a basketball player who proved that you don’t need meat for muscle and can be a healthy, athletic vegan, a health coach who discovered where parasites really live in the body and how to remove them for good (hint: it’s not pretty), and undercover investigators who endured witnessing animal cruelty to shed light on animal abuse and change the laws around factory farming.

In the first episode in the series, the Alli and Suzy throw it back to episodes 194 and 126, where they interview two inspiring women who have overcome shocking, difficult challenges in their lives. In Part 1, they speak with Rosie Aiello, a survivor of an abusive relationship who eventually made “the great escape” from her abusive husband with her daughter in tow. Rosie is now a successful entrepreneur, coach, and author who is on a mission to help other women escape abusive relationships and thrive.

In Part 2, they interview Maura Knowles, a survivor of two near-death experiences who turned her health struggles into a musical comedy and a line of healthy treats. Maura Knowles lay on the operating table, awake. A routine procedure that should have taken a few minutes had turned into a life-threatening operation. She was only 20. Everything that could have gone wrong in hospital, did—pancreatitis, infections, misdiagnoses, you name it. She survived not one near death experience, but two! Her fighting spirit and the support of her family pulled her through.

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