415: Healing Lyme: Alternative Medicine, Cowden Protocol, Heavy Metal Detox, & Chelation (Healing Lyme Disease Series Part 2)


Robin was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic Lyme disease when she was just 11 years old. She suffered from painful joints, inflammation, rashes, fatigue, fevers. The heavy medication she was prescribed caused digestive problems, nausea and hair loss. The drugs also suppressed Robin’s immune system, causing frequent infections and affecting all parts of her life. At just 23, Robin’s life looked set towards pain and disability. However, now 27, she’s healthy, free from pharmaceuticals and running the company of her dreams. 

The journey to health wasn’t simple—at the time, childhood autoimmune disorders weren’t common and doctors were unsure what to do. Robin’s family was into healthy living and tried many different therapies to alleviate her symptoms – from juicing to acupressure to consultations with healers. But nothing worked. “We weren’t doing the right things,” says Robin. She soon realized there was a definite link between her illness and the foods she ate; wanting to commit to a healthy holistic life, she left college to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Within a few months of starting at the Institute, Robin was giving cookery lessons, which soon evolved into one-on-one sessions and weekend yoga retreats. She was helping others whilst also helping herself. “The career and my health happened simultaneously,” she says, reflecting on how coaching others keeps her committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Determined to get better, she started by giving her immune system what it was craving, what it needed to function optimally. She included plenty of antimicrobial and antibacterial foods, such as herbs and spices, in her diet, in combination with other holistic treatments like aromatherapy. Although this helped her to feel better, the real turning point in her health was when she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease and began a Lyme-specific treatment protocol. 

Changing her diet and taking herbs from the Cowden protocol got Robin back on track with her health, but she still struggled with fatigue and depression. When she started detoxing her body from heavy metals, her body healed and her health improved dramatically. Where she once found it hard to walk up a flight of stairs, Robin can now work 12 hour days, go out afterwards and still feel full of energy. She talks us through heavy metal chelation, the key issues to watch out for and how to detox safely.

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