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Did you know that it’s one of Apple Podcasts top-rated Fitness & Nutrition shows? We are blown away by the support of our tribe.

As we rapidly approach our 3 Million download mark, more and more experts are expressing their interest in being on our show and reaching our growing audience!

Here are some more numbers to share with you:

• We receive hundreds of requests per month to be interviewed.

• We typically release only four episodes each month

From this you can see demand is far higher than supply!

That is why we currently have a waiting list of 9 months.

But, we don’t want to miss interviewing amazing people like you with incredible stories. Therefore, we have designed an sponsorship option to streamline the process of selecting the best guests for our audience. And give you an opportunity to be featured on the show NOW!

Sponsor an Episode Process:

If you would like to sponsor an episode on The Food Heals Podcast, with YOU as the guest, just fill out the application form here.

There is a $497 sponsorship fee due at time of submission.


The $497 fee will be applied to the production costs that go into making your episode professional, polished, and enticing to listeners! It will help pay our Producer, Editor, Writer, Social Media Strategist, Designer, and Executive Assistant who all make the podcast come together! And it will move your episode to the top of the list so you don’t have to wait 9 months to a year for your episode to air.

You will also receive tangible assets including a Promo Image, Podcast Player with your episode, Embed Code for your website, Linkback from our website to your site and special offers, Social Media Attention, and Shareable links for Social Media. Allison Melody and Food Heals will promote you, your product or service and your episode across social media and beyond!

If you are accepted as a sponsored guest on the show, you will be provided with a booking link to choose your date and time to record. If you are not accepted as a guest on the show, your production fee will be refunded.

Your episode will air on The Food Heals Podcast!

Your evergreen episode will remain available to listeners for many years to come, ensuring that you receive ongoing recognition and benefit from continued exposure to our growing audience of engaged fans via through word-of-mouth, social media marketing, cross-promotions, and an aggressive online presence.


“Food Heals is not just a Podcast…  It is golden ticket into a circle of trustworthy friends, a source for expert advice and a never-ending flow of great deals on highly curated, priceless vegan products.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be featured on Allison’s and Suzy’s podcast twice and we had an incredible time sharing our passion for raw chocolates, adaptogenic herbs, superfoods, and other lifestyle hacks with the Food Heals Nation family.  We really enjoyed that both the curiosity and the knowledge of the hostesses lead us to having the most informative, fun session possible!

Sharing uncensored knowledge with an audience is a beautiful responsibility and Food Heals is not taking that responsibility lightly: every episode is jam packed with information that you would not only enjoy but need to know.

When someone orders on our website they have the option of letting us know how they found out about us.  Every time someone enters “Food Heals” we still smile so big and feel so grateful to be part of this wonderful family that Allison and Suzy created.”

– AnnaBlanca & Sage, Addictive Wellness

Allison and Suzy really took the time to understand our company and fit our message authentically into the podcast. Because of their native dialogue about our company, we saw a nice bump in traffic and accounts created from their podcast. Easy to work with and effective…I couldn’t have asked for more.”

– Matt McDonald, Stride Health


– After being on The Food Heals Podcast Life Coach Alida McDaniel received multiple calls from Food Heals listeners who have turned into clients!

– Owner of NoToxLife, Sandee Ferman, received significant orders for her products the day her interview aired and has made long lasting relationships with listeners ever since.

– Matt Ruscigno had a great turnout at one of his talks after he announced it on our show – people came up to him after and said they had heard of him from The Food Heals Podcast!

– Stride Health’s Matt McDonald saw a huge bump in traffic after working with the ladies of The Food Heals Podcast.

– Charlie Fyffe, of Charlie’s Brownies was recognized out of state as Podcast fans approached him to chat!


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Whether or not you become a guest of The Food Heals Podcast, we wish you the best of success in your endeavors and in the work you are doing in the world.

Cheers to your good health & continued success!

The Food Heals Podcast Team