Here are my current Vitamin and supplement
recommendations as a Healing & Prevention Starter-Kit:


They say healing starts in the gut so probiotics are my first line of defense when it comes to boosting my immunity. Just Thrive makes a proven, potent and effective spore probiotic that actually survives the gut lining (while other probiotics are rendered useless by the time they hit your gut.) Just Thrive guarantees survivability through the stomach & upper digestive system. Just Thrive’s breakthrough, award-winning probiotic contains the proprietary strain, Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces antioxidants directly in the digestive system where they can be best absorbed by your body.

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Organifi, is a line of organic superfood blends that offers plant based nutrition made with high quality ingredients. Organifi takes pride in offering the best tasting superfood products on the market at a price that works out to less than $3 a day. You can experience Organifi’s high quality superfoods without breaking the bank. I take the Organifi green travel packs with me every time I travel. I LIVE on the Organifi glow which is their vegan collagen lemonade and I can not sleep without Organifi Gold which cures my sugar cravings and helps me fall into a deep restful sleep.

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CHLORELLA and SPIRULINA: Spirulina attacks and breaks down viruses at the cellular level to stop them in their tracks. Chlorella strengthens your immune system, boosts white blood cells and increases your natural killer cells that help prevent and fight viruses. PLUS, did you know it is known to cure hangovers?

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VITAMIN C: Vitamin C boosts the immune system. It acts as a potent antioxidant which helps fight harmful free radicals. In fact, The government of Shanghai, China has announced its official recommendation that COVID-19 should be treated with high amounts of intravenous vitamin C. They are currently treating COVID-19 patients with Vitamin C in New York hospitals. Use coupon code foodheals10 to get 10% off your order of liquid Vitamin C from Global Healing Center.

COLLOIDAL SILVER: Colloidal silver is known to kill 650 different kinds of pathogens, including bacteria, fungus and viruses in addition to many others, by inhibiting the enzyme which allows their oxygen metabolism. This is my go-to whenever I feel sick.

VITAMIN D: According to Dr. Platt, who was interviewed for an episode of Food Heals, 10K units of Vitamin D prevents every strain of flu. He recommends taking Vitamin D that is not stored in gel caps. You can get 10% off liquid  Suntrex Vitamin D3 at the Global Healing Center using the coupon code, foodheals10

VITAMIN K: Also, according to Dr. Platt, it is imperative to take Vitamin D and Vitamin K together for the best absorption of calcium. Vitamin K is even known as a hepatitis C supressor. You can get 15% off Vitamin K2-7 supplements at Just Thrive Health using the coupon code, foodheals15.

ELDERBERRY: Modern scientific research has gone deep into the incredible benefits of taking elderberry. It’s antiviral properties were put to the test in one study of people with sick symptoms, which found that elderberry cleared up their situation three times faster than a placebo. I prefer the syrup, but if you are on a budget, the capsules are great too!

GARLIC: I don’t have a link for this one because I’d prefer you take it raw, rather than in pill form. Garlic is an effective killer of bacteria and viruses. I cut up cloves into tiny pieces and swallow it with water like its a pill. Of course you can also cook with it while you are home experimenting with new recipes, but definitely get in as much as you can. I am not claiming that it will kill COVID-19 -but it might- so it’s absolutely a must-have in your healing toolbox.

FOOD HEALS: And of course the more fruits and veggies you can get into your diet, the better. I live off juices and smoothies as well to keep myself energized and my immunity boosted!

P.S. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I am sharing what works for me, in hopes that it will work for you. Side effects of these vitamins may lead to a happier, longer, healthier life! Had to say it – Veggies and Vitamins are my church, y’all!

P.P.S. I am an affiliate of some of these companies and may receive a small commission when you purchase. Don’t worry, I only recommend brands I stand behind and usually have interviewed the founder. I truly believe in every single product I recommend and take these every day. These small commissions help support my green juice habit!